About Tweed & Tea

Tweed & Tea is a website for the modern lady, for those who prefer to sit back & ponder over afternoon tea in their best attire.

Modern women who long for the style & culture of days gone, women who don't mind paying attention to etiquette and chivalry, well.. from time to time at least.

Tweed & Tea was lucky to be nominated in 2014 as Best Vintage Blog in The National Vintage Awards, a site that happily merges the boundary between vintage, and modern style.

Originally here on Blogger as a personal blog, I decided to re-vamp Tweed & Tea as a personal website back in 2013, but now I'm back here on Blogger, re-booting the site back to it's original blog form so you can really engage with your favourite content, and tickle your fancy with some delightful new posts.

Get in touch: email  tweedandteauk@gmail.com with any queries!

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