Friday, 18 December 2009

Merry christmas!

Merry christmas to all my readers!

I'm unfortunately off ill with an eye infection so whilst I'm sat around all eye patched up I thought I'd take it as an early christmas break.

I'm off to grab a pile of December/January magazine issues to keep me comfortably nestled up, including the latest issue of Dazed & confused with the ever fabulous Courtney Love on the cover (Love her or not, you must admit she's a fantastic fashion icon!).

I'll be back blogging after christmas, hopefully with a quick pre-new year post of treats and finds!

-image Nickolas Muray c/o The commons-

Saturday, 12 December 2009

Item of the day

How darling are these? Bourjois has released a new limited edition collection of eye shadows and blushes decorated with illustrations by Parisian artist Nathalie Rété.

The Rendez-à vouz Paris collection features eye shadows and blushers adorned with illustrations, and a little mirror included in the top. Fabulous!

I adore the Noir Precieux eyeshadow with it's sequin style illustration, and it's a stunning grey/black shade. Alongside the elegant pink blush, Lilas Dor.

The limited range is available from Asos; and with such darling illustrations they are irresistible.

Monday, 7 December 2009

Oh heavens..

Yet another wonderful company is about to close it's doors; it's truly disheartening when such a unique cosmetics company has to cease trading.

I've mentioned B never a few times here; having discovered their products since the day they launched; being an avid shopper at Lush (their sister company) for at least a decade, I fell for their products instantly.

With a unique approach to boutique cosmetic shopping; their original Carnaby street branch was a little nugget of joy nestled off Oxford street. The vintage perfume bottles and cabinets hosting an array of perfumes, eye shadows, creams, and powders was the closest to an apothecary busting with cosmetics that I'd seen.

They really struck a chord for their bright colourful, and retro inspired colours amongst their range of eye shadows, and cream eye shadows. The latter being the best I've found, almost using my tube of Bramble cream eyeshadow every day; it really is rather fabulous, a step above liquid eyeliner by far.

Of course not to forget the array of perfumes; Love being my favourite amongst the selection smelling like a sultry seductive but sweet sherbert.
The bottles all stand out like a selection vintage collectibles containing fragrant beauties.

I'll miss the company when it closes it's doors shortly; having not long visited the Leeds branch last month I had no idea the company's closure was looming. With new products in abundance, and an enticing selection of christmas gifts on the counters.

I'll be sure to put in a mammoth order of my favourites, and products I had yet to try out; the lip creams were always on my list for the decadent gold leaf on top. The company will be sorely missed, and I can but hope that at least the fragrances will crop over to Lush's selection of perfumes and gifts.

Saturday, 5 December 2009

My other passion is through a lense

Alongside my fondness for fashion I'm also a geek for cameras; paticularly lomography.
My most recent purchase has been the Golden half camera, a special camera that takes 2 shots per frame meaning that you get wonderful split photo results.

Having found the camera amongst some fabulous twin lense's, and lomos at Fred Aldous in Manchester I was instantly excited by the format of the camera and just had to grab one to add to my collection of lomos; already owning a Pop 9 and Super sampler, I regularly take keep one in my bag at all times for spur of the moment shots.

I took my recent purchase out on a trip this week shopping around the christmas markets of Birmingham, having only just acquired my Golden half I've no clue what the results will turn out like but if this Flickr feed is anything to go by I can expect some rather unique results.

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Is their no end in sight?

Yet another great company's life hangs in the balance & this time it's one the most respected and well known companies in the industry; Lacroix.

After months of waiting on the outcome for the future of the fashion house, after filing for bankruptcy in May it seems that despite interest from several buyers the future for Lacroix does not look so hopeful with it being reduced to a licensing operation meaning that there may be no more couture from Lacroix.

It's so disheartening to see that such a respected, and decadent label may be closing it's doors for good. Lets hope that someone can step in save the label.

You can read more on the outcome on the Guardian article.

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

The on going petite hunt continues..

As a 5ft 1" lady, around a size 6-8 it's typically harder than most to find clothing that actually fits well. T-shirts should not bag around the neckline, dresses should fall off at the top whilst fitting snuggly around the hips, & trousers shouldn't be so long that I'd have to hem 1/6 of the leg up to ensure that they fit.

This is a dilemma that I've had for a long while when clothing shopping, being of my particular figure I never like to shop online for clothing unless it's a brand I particularly trust sizing wise after having visited them in store previously. So it's harder than normal to just shop for new outfits.

In part of my ongoing hunt I thought it would be fitting to document my findings on my blog; as I've found looking online most searches for petite clothing pull up either rants about size 0 clothing, or arguments about the current model sizing on the catwalk (that's another debate altogether of course). But finding what I'm really after; links to companies who make both petite ranges whilst also catering for smaller sizes, has been more of a struggle than you'd think.

In my most recent quest I've been scouring the usual high street suspects. Whilst most do list petite, and small sizes on their sizing guides or collections I've often found after taking arm fulls into the changing room with me that not much has actually fit me well.


H & M I've found a bit tricky but they have always been spot on with tops in my size. The sizing is true to the actual measurements & I've never felt drowned in a top designed for a taller frame.

Primark are actually the best I've found for tops though. With both size 6 & 8's being a fantastic fit, for basic petite friendly items you really can't go wrong.

Marks & spencer are spot on with their skirts, unfortunately only running up to a size 8 at the smallest, meaning that dresses and tops are out for me but the skirts are again a flattering and comfy petite fit.

Both Primark and Topshop are fabulous for high street dresses. With both running up to a size 6 (the latter a 4, amongst a great petite range) I've found their dresses to fit petite figures in all the right places with no bagginess around the neckline, or the bust.

Jeans & trousers

I've found Dorothy perkins are the best when it comes to both jeans & trousers. When I've needed a new pair of day to day jeans, the casual range has been an incredibly comfort fit and I've never had to adjust the hem which is a bonus.

Of course theres still far more places for me to scour through the rails but so far I've found these high street stores to be above the best for my petite, small frame.

-Images c/o Stock xchng-

Thursday, 26 November 2009

Eyes lips face

I stumbled across E.l.f (eyes lips face) cosmetics purely by accident one day and was stunned at the affordable range of cosmetic staples they had available.

After having them bookmarked for a while, & spending a large amount of time piling up quite an order of supplies, I finally ordered my first batch of goodies last weekend.

With such a wide range to choose from I finally managed to whittle it down to just the basics that I needed to re-stock on; primer, a cuticle pen, lip plumper, powder puffs, & trusty eyeliner.

Once my package of goodies arrived (the day after ordering!, how wonderfully speedy is that!) I got to testing out my supplies over the past week.

Firstly the primer, this couldn't have been any easier to apply & was such a godsend with my eyeshadow. It left minimal creasing from my make up during the day, and made it much easier to tidy up.

The liquid eyeliner gets a thumbs up for it's ease of application. A sturdy hard applicator when compared to the usual brush, it was so much easier to apply a quick swipe of eyeliner than struggling with the bristles that I usually have on my cream eyeshadows. Having just spotted the new silver & copper versions I may be stockpiling!

The cuticle pen was a little different to my usual brush applicator pen, so it will take some getting used to in comparison.

The lip plumper was a nice shimmery minty alternative to my usual philosophy lipgloss tube; & the powder puffs have nicely replaced my old compacts.

All in all I was rather impressed with my first order from the site and will certainly be ordering more when my make up bag runs out of staple supplies. It's a wonderfully cost effective approach to cosmetic supplies, with the only noticeable difference to high end products being the packaging, the product itself doesn't skimp on quality at all. And when purse strings are still relatively tighter than normal it's quite a godsend, and a saving.

Monday, 23 November 2009

My what a handy little contraption!

I just stumbled across Find me a dress; a dress comparison website... yes you did just read that correctly.

Find me a dress is a site that hunts out all manners of dresses allowing you to find the exact frock you are after from one site rather than having to plough through them all.

Being able to search by colour, style, & size is a bonus. As a petite lady it's always a struggle to find who sells smaller petite sizes but a quick search pulled up all the sites stocking my sizes in fabulous frocks. Now if only I could find a way to speed search for kitten heels, and pencil skirts then I'd be sorted.

Thursday, 19 November 2009

Mineral make up

By now it's probably a tad out of touch to admit being a novice to mineral make up, but essentially I am quite the novice!
Having seen bareface minerals counters pop up across department stores this year my curiosity got the better of me.

I've used pigments before, alongside eye dusts and pots of powdered eyeshadows; so how different could mineral cosmetics be to these?
Well for starters mineral make up contains far more natural ingredients and components with some going as far as being completely organic.

I've found a few companies specializing in some rather unique shades and products in their mineral ranges.

Lily lolo have an astounding range of mineral make up. From the cover up concealer, I love the Blondie shade; to an array of colourful eyeshadows, including vibrant purples and blues. Natural make up really doesn't have to be natural in colour!

Afterglow cosmetics also do a great take on high end mineral make up. Even creating mineral lipsticks & glosses.

Then theres the mineral range by budget cosmetic specialist Elf. With a range that won't break the bank including a great selection of eyeshadows & blushes.

Friday, 13 November 2009

Item of the day

My favourite find of the day is this adoreably quirky 'Sew much to do necklace' at Hannah Zakari.

I adore vintage sewing machines, they have so much more character than modern equilvalents, and this necklace shows that. With a vintage styled sewing machine charm, set off wonderfully with the gold bow & scissors.

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Luella; the end of an era?

Following yesterdays post on Vogue about Luella one couldn't help but see it as the possible end of an era.

Luella is a designer who I only clocked onto last year, seeing her quirky take on the equestrian and traditional british styles. Famously adorned by the likes of Alex Chung, & Kelly Osbourne.

With the recession still biting hard on the industry it's always disheartening to see the possible loss of another designer or company, more so when it's an independent designer.

But with such a vast amount of interest in her items it seems a bit hasty for her backers (Club 21) to pull the plug so suddenly. Here's hoping a new company is found shortly.

You can read the full post on Vogue here.

Saturday, 7 November 2009

The perfect shoes

Footwear is an area thats been irking me for a long while. Being a small footed lady it's usually difficult to find shoes left in my size at most places; let alone in styles I'm actually giddy with excitement about.

I've had a paticular style of shoes in my mind for the past couple of years. Short kitten heels, all black & with a cute bow detail on the front. I may have finally find something close to the shoes I've been envisioning.

These cute black shoes from peacocks are almost an exact version of the shoes I'd imagined, abiet a taller heel than I'd thought but a bargain at £18.

Then theres these adoreable short heel shoes from Paul Smith. Closer to the style I'd imagined for the perfect shoes but far more sensible for day to day shoes, & closer to the level of heel for a starter; having worn ballet pumps and flats for the majority of the time.

Now if only I could find a version thats a close match to the both pairs & I'd be set!

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Glitter bomb

Freshly back from an extended weekend jaunt, one thing that really got me excited shopping was the selection of glittery make up out for the party season.

I've never paticularly been one for the party season; more the concept of only dressing up for the season, you should be dressing up at every available oppourtunity!! but I have always took advantage of the abundance of glitters on sale around the winter season.

One thing that really struck my eye was the glitter selections at B never. For their christmas gifts in store they have the most amazing little gift packs to construct glittery, and burlesque inspired looks. I paticularly loved the bling glitter tube sets, each glitter in it a mini tube ready to apply.

I've long been a fan of their ethical cosmetics, the cream eyeshadows are outstanding and a great alternative to liquid eyeliner. So the expansion of their glitter cream eyeshadows has also had me resisting the urge to buy the entire collection, if only they came in the same miniature gift set form as the cream eyeshadows.

For the winter season, glitter-tastic favourites; Barry M have also launched a new Glitter lash wand.
The new Glitter lash is described as "a glamorous and fun way to bring attention to your eyes". And in a range of 6 glittery shades, the gold in paticular stands out on the preview. Not available in stores until mid-November, I'll be sure to raid the testers later this month.

But of all the products I've tried, tested, and thoroughly used over the years. My favourite glittery eyeliner has to be the bargainous £1 glitter eyeliners at Primark. I've got a stealthy supply of the gold glitter eyeliner thats lasted far longer than my Heavy metal eyeliner, or a through applying of Bling bling base, and loose glitter.

Thursday, 29 October 2009

A weekend away

Theres nothing like a weekend jaunt; as per usual I spend more time preping and packing before a weekend away. Finding the perfect sized bag, which shoes co-ordinate best with my outfits, and packing enough travel sized perfumes to last.

I love this Stepford weekend bag from JJ's Dolly rockers; it's been my trusty travel bag since the summer. So many compartments, the only problem is which one to place bits in!

My travel perfume dilemma was also solved by the wondeful invention of the solid perfumes at Lush. My personal favourite has since been discontinued but I always have my tin of Silky underwear perfume to hand on trips.

Travel cosmetics have always been the main irk when going away for a weekend. Finding my favourites in small form has always meant downsizing to travel pots or using something else.

I'm glad to at least have found the travel sample sizes of Soap & glory's pink range, & the sweet little bottles of Original source. But if only I could get travel sized cosmetics of my favourites! B never does have a rather handy little travel wrap of cosmetics, but if only it contained my favourite dark green, and purple shades in miniature form! For now I shall have to make do with packing my cream eyeshadows for trips!

All that & I'm off for a weekend in a northern city, shops and museums alike.

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Ricci ricci

I have a perfume stash thats already taking over from everything else.
With an array of fragrances from classic favourites; Classique, & Paul smith London; to new favourites; Harajuku lovers, Love; & Madame.

Theres nothing more enjoyable than a favourite fragrance. One that brings a smile to your face, favourite memories, or captivating and enticing scents.

Already intrigued by the adoreable bow shaped touches to the bottle, Ricci Ricci has fast become one of my favourite new scents.

With floral notes, heady bergamot & moonflower. It's a delicate uplifting fresh scent, yet subtley provocative and playful. Even the sample card I picked up, tied up with an adoreable bow, and the pink bottle of course ties in wonderfully with my current collection, but of course thats just an added bonus.

Saturday, 24 October 2009

Retro inspired attire

I do adore more classic styles compared to some of the odd fitting cuts you find nowadays in the name of up to the minute fashion.

In an ever continuing hunt for the perfect items to add my wardrobe I've found a few sites that I've pencilled in for post-royal mail strike splurges.

Mouse to minx
Describing itself as 'where burlesque meets Miss Marple'; this site a wonderful mix of tweed pencil skirts, tea cups, and quirky jewellery. Nestled alongside petticoats, & clinchers.

Dolly dagger
This site has admittely been in my bookmark for years. A wonderful selection of pin up inspired clothing, sits happily alongside kitsch designer labels.
With such a wonderful selection of designers; Vivienne westwood for Melissa, Tarina tarantino, Irregular choice, & Helen Rochford. Theres just too much to choose from!

Larkin & catcher
Such an outstanding selection of hand picked jewellery from a range of independent designers. From framed pendants, ladened charm bracelets, and antiqated brooches alongside kitsch pendants.
Then theres the gorgeous selection of clutch bags, purses; and pretty bookmarks.

Thursday, 22 October 2009

My fashion icons; part 2

Marilyn Monroe

One of my favourite U.S ladies, Marilyn always had the most outstanding taste in fashion and a stunning hourglass figure that's paved the way for millions of curvy ladies.

I properly discovered Marilyn through my fondness of Andy Warhol, and Manic street preachers. An unlikely combo if you aren't a fan of the latter; but Marilyn's image was everywhere in early msp artwork. The image of her amongst the collage on the first edition of “You love us” was one of the turning points that got me digging further into her career.

Her wardrobe of classic knitwear, stunning classic cut frocks, and jeans (which she helped to bring into fashion from the seminal work wear attire) have inspired my wardrobe over recent years.

Seeing how high waisted skirts, matched up with knitwear, or tops works wonderfully on an hourglass figure have had me clambering into changing rooms with arms full of pencil skirts.

Her wardrobe, and look have influenced many a retro inspired company. With the influential cuts seem in styles at vintage inspired lingerie company 'What katie did'; with their 50's swimwear that could be picked straight out of her early modelling work.

Not to forget how she could pull off any look and still look stunning. Whether it was wearing the infamous sheer frock designed and sewn on by William Travilla, or a simple cardigan and jeans combo.

Sunday, 18 October 2009

dot dot dash

I've really fallen for more accessories lately; one of my recent exciting finds is quirky tights. I already have a ridiculous stash of tights from neon, to seamed, and patterned. But lately there has been a fantastic flurry of tights.

Firstly much to my surprise too, I'm finding the latest range of Henry Holland for Pretty polly tights outstanding (normally not one of my favourite designers per say).
But the collection of quirky prints on tights have really surprised me, i'm paticularly liking these Alphabet print tights and the colour block print tights. They're retro styled with a nice modern touch.

Then theres the spotty trend thats surfaced this season. I've always loved spots on tights but it's been so hard to find a pair that I've envisioned beforehand. Most used to come with large oversized polka dots, or repeat lines of tiny dots but now designers seem to be (pardon the pun) spot on with the pattern.

I adore these retro styled spot tights from Jonathon Aston, alongside the most adoreable pair of sheer spotty tights at Pop my Cherry. That really stand out from the standard small dot pattern.

The other patterns that I'm getting excited by are these wonderfully quirky feathered tights, & heart printed tights.

Not to forget the selection of brightly coloured tights at M & S, probably the most decent quality pair of blue tights I've had, they've outlasted my usual £1 primark coloured tights by a long shot!

Saturday, 17 October 2009

New season cosmetics

This season I've been quite giddy with excitement over the launch of several new ranges, and lines that have truly pushed the boat creatively in the lines of cosmetics.

Firstly the new Dystopia range from Illamasqua; a range of monochrome shades with a pop of colour inspired by a futuristic vision of a fractured and dark society.

The selection of dark pure pigments, and matt eyeshadows is offset wonderfully by bright pink lipsticks, and nail varnishes.

I was already excited by the launch of the new high end alternative cosmetics company last year with their range of outstandingly bright shades, but the new noir-esque collection has left me incredibly inspired.

The other collection that has had me just as excited has been the launch of new lipsticks from U.S label Limecrime.

The new Candy future collection of lipsticks are an incredible range of bright, neon colours. With a clear vision of highly pigmented and colourful lipsticks, the range is a selection of pinks, purples, & dashe's of wonderfully unorthodox shades such as blue, and black; colours which I've often failed to find previously.

The Retrofuturist, and Centrifuschia shades are my paticular favourites but I'll already have to wait until the next shipment comes in, with most of the shades having already sold out!

Then theres the new Mac collections; always a favourite of mine for their selection of pigments.
I must admit the new Black collection is equally as impressive.
With blackend Lipglass, and the gorgeous gold toned Mineralize eyeshadow, alongside staple black greasepaint sticks for a handy alternative to eyeliner.

This seasons cosmetics are certainly getting me quite excited, much more than any staple pieces of clothing I've found!

Sunday, 11 October 2009

Heart clutch bags; adorably quirky?

I'm still not sure where I stand on the new season heart shaped clutch bags adorning the high street.
I've adored the past examples such as this cute crystal styled clutch from Accessorize 2 years ago.
The cute classic shape is such as adoreable but classic piece.
Same goes for this leopard print version from Asos's summer season this year.

But the new chainmail style clutche's at Topshop are a little different but I'm not as keen on them as previous seasons take on the heart shaped clutch purse/bag. Same goes for Julian Macdonald's take on the clutch for Debenhams, the all over diamante is a little too much for my liking; almost to the point of garish.
Who knows I might be won over by a cute little delicate take on the clutch this season, but so far I'm more than tempted to buy last season's Asos clutch instead!

Thursday, 1 October 2009

New season Evian; Paul Smith

Much to my surprise last year I only just realized that Evian had limited edition designed bottles on sale each year. With a different designer taking the label on every year.
Having missed several years of favourite designers I at least managed to grab a bottle of Jean Paul Gaultier last year.

I've just stumbled upon the designer for 2010's Evian edition; Paul Smith.

The design pays homage to his famous stripe design; & I adore the coloured bottle tops, thats whats really going to cripple me; trying to buy one of each coloured bottle top!

I may even make my next shopping outing to Harvey Nichols that little bit earlier to grab a bottle!

Saturday, 26 September 2009

My fashion icons; part 1

I've looked up to many quirky, well dressed ladies, & gents over the years. Here I'll be paying homage to a few of my favourite fashion icons.

Candida doyle

Pictured right; with Jerry Hall from 'This is Hardcore' album.

Even at the age of 11 when I first stumbled upon Pulp, I was instantly inspired by keyboardist Candida doyle's style.

Adorning knitwear, mini skirts, & quirky tights; alongside the most fascinating selection of plastic rings I'd ever seen. Part retro quirykness, part colourful explosions encased in resin. The selection of rings stood out in the most amazing fashion, but blended wonderfully with the rest of her look; a mix of stripes, cable knits, pale coloured tights, and bright plastic rings.

Her quintessentially quirky style influenced on me, & inspired part of my own personal style to date.

The major influence on me at first was the plastic rings; picking up cheap but quirky plastic rings whenever the oppourtunity arose, something that I still do today. With an absurdly large collection that must be a small selection compared to her own (which I once attempted to win in a fan club competition).

But the overall appearance of Candida's style; the quirky skirts, & knitwear have left a long lasting impression on me, and inspired a large part of my wardrobe.

Saturday, 19 September 2009

Tasty cakes, & wishlist

The weathers so up & down lately with it fast approaching full swing of Autumn, & you can tell; I'm craving tasty cakes... in paticular the tasty offerings at Candy cakes, finding out they deliver is too tempting, the lemon cakes are truely delicious stodge!
Although I'm also tempted by this rather delicious Victoria sponge cake recipe on vogue, if only I wasn't feeling to nippy to bake.

Window shopping; another autumn comfort whilst plotting for trips, I've starting compiling a few winter wishlist items. Being a petite lady it's always rather hard finding items that fit perfectly, so my wishlists often stay just that. I'm still on a year long hunt for a perfect fitting quirky cardigan.

Bow cardigan @ A wear
Cinched blouse @ JJ's Dolly rockers; how wonderfully dainty is this!
Irregular choice, can can shoes @ Schuh

Monday, 14 September 2009

The weeks highlights

Theres been a lot of findings I've been quite excited by this past week; firstly is finding out the guest editiots on this month's Wallpaper*, Karl Lagerfeld, & Phillpe Starck. I'm a bit more excited to see the former's contribution to the issue. Looking online he appears to have chosen rather well, with some stunning photography featured.

Then there was the recent launch of the new D & G fragrances. A collection of 5 fragrances, designed to "capture the essence of 5 eternal dramatis personae".
Each fragrance has it's own unique scent, but blended together as well they create a captivating scent. Personally my favourite so far is 3. L'Imperatrice, with it's notes of tangerine, & blossom.

The third highlight of the week was the start of the documentary series on Tweed on Bbc 4.
Telling the story of Harris Tweed, & the industry on the island in the Outer Hebrides.
Seeing how Brian Haggas had almost single handedly destroyed the industry was incredibly frustrating. I've always been fond of tweed's variations, the colours & weaves are what makes the fabric stand out, & what make it's so unique.
Restricting it to just 4 fabrics is a utterly ridiculous idea; the choice of tweed's is one thing that makes it such an adored fabric, & restricting it to the few choices seems far too utilitarian. Why restrict the choice you can have to just 4? when you can have a multi-tude of variations that appeal to so many mass markets worldwide.
I'll be looking forward to the rest of series over the next 2 weeks.

Monday, 7 September 2009

Autumn season on the high street

I must say if the new seasons fully out on the high street it's yet again a rather confusing collection of looks.

Yet again the confusion of new rave neon's, & boho chic seems to be in again; as well as a flashback to the early 90's with grunge stylings. But whilst this look may be at the pinnacle of fashion this season, thankfully there also appears to be some touches of rockabilly 50's glamour, & nods to floral, & tweed fabrics.

When it comes to day to day wear, there are some fantastic pieces hidden amongst the collections at New Look in paticular. With some fantastic pencil skirts, & rose print cardigans nestled amongst the sequins, & lace.

As well as some 60's cut coats with fur trimmed collars in H & M, the perfect 50's styled blue denim jeans in Primark, & some wonderful knitwear in Debenhams.

Autumn usually is my preffered season on the high street; the summer collections leave little inspiration or influence on my wardrobe. Whereas the seasonal coats, wool blend skirts, & knitwear tends to leave me bleeding my account almost dry.

Sunday, 30 August 2009

Turn of tweed

I've long been fond of Tweed fabric (see welcome blog); but there has a distinct lack of Tweed's in fashion as of late, unless you are getting a tailor made skirt suit you'd be hard pushed to find a good tweed outfit.

So imagine my glee when I picked up the September issue of Vogue, not only 2 tweed inspired, & featuring photo shoots, but an article on the return of skirt suits to the winter season.

Theres been such a distinct lack of clothing thats gotten me truely excited (disregarding Paul Smith's collection of course, last season had some outstanding pieces), so to find pages of items I'm wishlisting is fantastic. Including some wonderful wool blend skirt suits by Nicole Farhi, a rather fetching dress by Dior, & of course this wonderful little number by Paul Smith.

I am eagerly awaiting the new collections next month now with quite a touch of glee.

Saturday, 29 August 2009

Welcome & about

Well hello there, this follows the start the 'Tweed & tea' blog; a blog about fashion, from the sartorial, vintage, quirky, & of course the tweedy.

Why Tweed & tea?, well it's two quintessenial British items, Tweed a classic British fabric; & Tea one of the first images most conjure up when you think of the British. Of course both are also personal favourites.

What can you expect of the blog?, well regular entries on fashion finds, whether it's new lines, new items, vintage finds, web shops, shopping trips, or events that I've stumbled across.

I've found it paticuarly hard to find blogs I've indentified with, being of a certain demographic just outside of my early Twenties now I don't tend to jump on board with every single trend. I've always had a keen interest in the suit & tie, & the image of the skirt suit (of course both made even more attractive growing up in the bludgeoning Britpop era); whilst also taking on more quirky, & sometimes alternative trends.

But that exact style I've been after, a classic British look but with a modern twist has never really been blogged about as much as I'd like. So I've created this blog to post about my own findings. From tailors, tweed inspired attire, classic British designers, vintage clothing, quirky trends, & seasonal pieces that fit the look with a quirky & unique edge.

What you won't find however is trends like of Ugg's, gladiator sandals, velour tracksuits, jumpsuits, or new rave stylings. You can leave those at the front door thank you very much..

So grab your best tea wear, & make yourself comfy.