Sunday, 30 August 2009

Turn of tweed

I've long been fond of Tweed fabric (see welcome blog); but there has a distinct lack of Tweed's in fashion as of late, unless you are getting a tailor made skirt suit you'd be hard pushed to find a good tweed outfit.

So imagine my glee when I picked up the September issue of Vogue, not only 2 tweed inspired, & featuring photo shoots, but an article on the return of skirt suits to the winter season.

Theres been such a distinct lack of clothing thats gotten me truely excited (disregarding Paul Smith's collection of course, last season had some outstanding pieces), so to find pages of items I'm wishlisting is fantastic. Including some wonderful wool blend skirt suits by Nicole Farhi, a rather fetching dress by Dior, & of course this wonderful little number by Paul Smith.

I am eagerly awaiting the new collections next month now with quite a touch of glee.

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