Saturday, 29 August 2009

Welcome & about

Well hello there, this follows the start the 'Tweed & tea' blog; a blog about fashion, from the sartorial, vintage, quirky, & of course the tweedy.

Why Tweed & tea?, well it's two quintessenial British items, Tweed a classic British fabric; & Tea one of the first images most conjure up when you think of the British. Of course both are also personal favourites.

What can you expect of the blog?, well regular entries on fashion finds, whether it's new lines, new items, vintage finds, web shops, shopping trips, or events that I've stumbled across.

I've found it paticuarly hard to find blogs I've indentified with, being of a certain demographic just outside of my early Twenties now I don't tend to jump on board with every single trend. I've always had a keen interest in the suit & tie, & the image of the skirt suit (of course both made even more attractive growing up in the bludgeoning Britpop era); whilst also taking on more quirky, & sometimes alternative trends.

But that exact style I've been after, a classic British look but with a modern twist has never really been blogged about as much as I'd like. So I've created this blog to post about my own findings. From tailors, tweed inspired attire, classic British designers, vintage clothing, quirky trends, & seasonal pieces that fit the look with a quirky & unique edge.

What you won't find however is trends like of Ugg's, gladiator sandals, velour tracksuits, jumpsuits, or new rave stylings. You can leave those at the front door thank you very much..

So grab your best tea wear, & make yourself comfy.

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