Saturday, 26 September 2009

My fashion icons; part 1

I've looked up to many quirky, well dressed ladies, & gents over the years. Here I'll be paying homage to a few of my favourite fashion icons.

Candida doyle

Pictured right; with Jerry Hall from 'This is Hardcore' album.

Even at the age of 11 when I first stumbled upon Pulp, I was instantly inspired by keyboardist Candida doyle's style.

Adorning knitwear, mini skirts, & quirky tights; alongside the most fascinating selection of plastic rings I'd ever seen. Part retro quirykness, part colourful explosions encased in resin. The selection of rings stood out in the most amazing fashion, but blended wonderfully with the rest of her look; a mix of stripes, cable knits, pale coloured tights, and bright plastic rings.

Her quintessentially quirky style influenced on me, & inspired part of my own personal style to date.

The major influence on me at first was the plastic rings; picking up cheap but quirky plastic rings whenever the oppourtunity arose, something that I still do today. With an absurdly large collection that must be a small selection compared to her own (which I once attempted to win in a fan club competition).

But the overall appearance of Candida's style; the quirky skirts, & knitwear have left a long lasting impression on me, and inspired a large part of my wardrobe.

Saturday, 19 September 2009

Tasty cakes, & wishlist

The weathers so up & down lately with it fast approaching full swing of Autumn, & you can tell; I'm craving tasty cakes... in paticular the tasty offerings at Candy cakes, finding out they deliver is too tempting, the lemon cakes are truely delicious stodge!
Although I'm also tempted by this rather delicious Victoria sponge cake recipe on vogue, if only I wasn't feeling to nippy to bake.

Window shopping; another autumn comfort whilst plotting for trips, I've starting compiling a few winter wishlist items. Being a petite lady it's always rather hard finding items that fit perfectly, so my wishlists often stay just that. I'm still on a year long hunt for a perfect fitting quirky cardigan.

Bow cardigan @ A wear
Cinched blouse @ JJ's Dolly rockers; how wonderfully dainty is this!
Irregular choice, can can shoes @ Schuh

Monday, 14 September 2009

The weeks highlights

Theres been a lot of findings I've been quite excited by this past week; firstly is finding out the guest editiots on this month's Wallpaper*, Karl Lagerfeld, & Phillpe Starck. I'm a bit more excited to see the former's contribution to the issue. Looking online he appears to have chosen rather well, with some stunning photography featured.

Then there was the recent launch of the new D & G fragrances. A collection of 5 fragrances, designed to "capture the essence of 5 eternal dramatis personae".
Each fragrance has it's own unique scent, but blended together as well they create a captivating scent. Personally my favourite so far is 3. L'Imperatrice, with it's notes of tangerine, & blossom.

The third highlight of the week was the start of the documentary series on Tweed on Bbc 4.
Telling the story of Harris Tweed, & the industry on the island in the Outer Hebrides.
Seeing how Brian Haggas had almost single handedly destroyed the industry was incredibly frustrating. I've always been fond of tweed's variations, the colours & weaves are what makes the fabric stand out, & what make it's so unique.
Restricting it to just 4 fabrics is a utterly ridiculous idea; the choice of tweed's is one thing that makes it such an adored fabric, & restricting it to the few choices seems far too utilitarian. Why restrict the choice you can have to just 4? when you can have a multi-tude of variations that appeal to so many mass markets worldwide.
I'll be looking forward to the rest of series over the next 2 weeks.

Monday, 7 September 2009

Autumn season on the high street

I must say if the new seasons fully out on the high street it's yet again a rather confusing collection of looks.

Yet again the confusion of new rave neon's, & boho chic seems to be in again; as well as a flashback to the early 90's with grunge stylings. But whilst this look may be at the pinnacle of fashion this season, thankfully there also appears to be some touches of rockabilly 50's glamour, & nods to floral, & tweed fabrics.

When it comes to day to day wear, there are some fantastic pieces hidden amongst the collections at New Look in paticular. With some fantastic pencil skirts, & rose print cardigans nestled amongst the sequins, & lace.

As well as some 60's cut coats with fur trimmed collars in H & M, the perfect 50's styled blue denim jeans in Primark, & some wonderful knitwear in Debenhams.

Autumn usually is my preffered season on the high street; the summer collections leave little inspiration or influence on my wardrobe. Whereas the seasonal coats, wool blend skirts, & knitwear tends to leave me bleeding my account almost dry.