Monday, 7 September 2009

Autumn season on the high street

I must say if the new seasons fully out on the high street it's yet again a rather confusing collection of looks.

Yet again the confusion of new rave neon's, & boho chic seems to be in again; as well as a flashback to the early 90's with grunge stylings. But whilst this look may be at the pinnacle of fashion this season, thankfully there also appears to be some touches of rockabilly 50's glamour, & nods to floral, & tweed fabrics.

When it comes to day to day wear, there are some fantastic pieces hidden amongst the collections at New Look in paticular. With some fantastic pencil skirts, & rose print cardigans nestled amongst the sequins, & lace.

As well as some 60's cut coats with fur trimmed collars in H & M, the perfect 50's styled blue denim jeans in Primark, & some wonderful knitwear in Debenhams.

Autumn usually is my preffered season on the high street; the summer collections leave little inspiration or influence on my wardrobe. Whereas the seasonal coats, wool blend skirts, & knitwear tends to leave me bleeding my account almost dry.

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