Saturday, 19 September 2009

Tasty cakes, & wishlist

The weathers so up & down lately with it fast approaching full swing of Autumn, & you can tell; I'm craving tasty cakes... in paticular the tasty offerings at Candy cakes, finding out they deliver is too tempting, the lemon cakes are truely delicious stodge!
Although I'm also tempted by this rather delicious Victoria sponge cake recipe on vogue, if only I wasn't feeling to nippy to bake.

Window shopping; another autumn comfort whilst plotting for trips, I've starting compiling a few winter wishlist items. Being a petite lady it's always rather hard finding items that fit perfectly, so my wishlists often stay just that. I'm still on a year long hunt for a perfect fitting quirky cardigan.

Bow cardigan @ A wear
Cinched blouse @ JJ's Dolly rockers; how wonderfully dainty is this!
Irregular choice, can can shoes @ Schuh

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