Monday, 14 September 2009

The weeks highlights

Theres been a lot of findings I've been quite excited by this past week; firstly is finding out the guest editiots on this month's Wallpaper*, Karl Lagerfeld, & Phillpe Starck. I'm a bit more excited to see the former's contribution to the issue. Looking online he appears to have chosen rather well, with some stunning photography featured.

Then there was the recent launch of the new D & G fragrances. A collection of 5 fragrances, designed to "capture the essence of 5 eternal dramatis personae".
Each fragrance has it's own unique scent, but blended together as well they create a captivating scent. Personally my favourite so far is 3. L'Imperatrice, with it's notes of tangerine, & blossom.

The third highlight of the week was the start of the documentary series on Tweed on Bbc 4.
Telling the story of Harris Tweed, & the industry on the island in the Outer Hebrides.
Seeing how Brian Haggas had almost single handedly destroyed the industry was incredibly frustrating. I've always been fond of tweed's variations, the colours & weaves are what makes the fabric stand out, & what make it's so unique.
Restricting it to just 4 fabrics is a utterly ridiculous idea; the choice of tweed's is one thing that makes it such an adored fabric, & restricting it to the few choices seems far too utilitarian. Why restrict the choice you can have to just 4? when you can have a multi-tude of variations that appeal to so many mass markets worldwide.
I'll be looking forward to the rest of series over the next 2 weeks.

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