Sunday, 18 October 2009

dot dot dash

I've really fallen for more accessories lately; one of my recent exciting finds is quirky tights. I already have a ridiculous stash of tights from neon, to seamed, and patterned. But lately there has been a fantastic flurry of tights.

Firstly much to my surprise too, I'm finding the latest range of Henry Holland for Pretty polly tights outstanding (normally not one of my favourite designers per say).
But the collection of quirky prints on tights have really surprised me, i'm paticularly liking these Alphabet print tights and the colour block print tights. They're retro styled with a nice modern touch.

Then theres the spotty trend thats surfaced this season. I've always loved spots on tights but it's been so hard to find a pair that I've envisioned beforehand. Most used to come with large oversized polka dots, or repeat lines of tiny dots but now designers seem to be (pardon the pun) spot on with the pattern.

I adore these retro styled spot tights from Jonathon Aston, alongside the most adoreable pair of sheer spotty tights at Pop my Cherry. That really stand out from the standard small dot pattern.

The other patterns that I'm getting excited by are these wonderfully quirky feathered tights, & heart printed tights.

Not to forget the selection of brightly coloured tights at M & S, probably the most decent quality pair of blue tights I've had, they've outlasted my usual £1 primark coloured tights by a long shot!

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