Sunday, 11 October 2009

Heart clutch bags; adorably quirky?

I'm still not sure where I stand on the new season heart shaped clutch bags adorning the high street.
I've adored the past examples such as this cute crystal styled clutch from Accessorize 2 years ago.
The cute classic shape is such as adoreable but classic piece.
Same goes for this leopard print version from Asos's summer season this year.

But the new chainmail style clutche's at Topshop are a little different but I'm not as keen on them as previous seasons take on the heart shaped clutch purse/bag. Same goes for Julian Macdonald's take on the clutch for Debenhams, the all over diamante is a little too much for my liking; almost to the point of garish.
Who knows I might be won over by a cute little delicate take on the clutch this season, but so far I'm more than tempted to buy last season's Asos clutch instead!

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