Thursday, 22 October 2009

My fashion icons; part 2

Marilyn Monroe

One of my favourite U.S ladies, Marilyn always had the most outstanding taste in fashion and a stunning hourglass figure that's paved the way for millions of curvy ladies.

I properly discovered Marilyn through my fondness of Andy Warhol, and Manic street preachers. An unlikely combo if you aren't a fan of the latter; but Marilyn's image was everywhere in early msp artwork. The image of her amongst the collage on the first edition of “You love us” was one of the turning points that got me digging further into her career.

Her wardrobe of classic knitwear, stunning classic cut frocks, and jeans (which she helped to bring into fashion from the seminal work wear attire) have inspired my wardrobe over recent years.

Seeing how high waisted skirts, matched up with knitwear, or tops works wonderfully on an hourglass figure have had me clambering into changing rooms with arms full of pencil skirts.

Her wardrobe, and look have influenced many a retro inspired company. With the influential cuts seem in styles at vintage inspired lingerie company 'What katie did'; with their 50's swimwear that could be picked straight out of her early modelling work.

Not to forget how she could pull off any look and still look stunning. Whether it was wearing the infamous sheer frock designed and sewn on by William Travilla, or a simple cardigan and jeans combo.

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