Saturday, 17 October 2009

New season cosmetics

This season I've been quite giddy with excitement over the launch of several new ranges, and lines that have truly pushed the boat creatively in the lines of cosmetics.

Firstly the new Dystopia range from Illamasqua; a range of monochrome shades with a pop of colour inspired by a futuristic vision of a fractured and dark society.

The selection of dark pure pigments, and matt eyeshadows is offset wonderfully by bright pink lipsticks, and nail varnishes.

I was already excited by the launch of the new high end alternative cosmetics company last year with their range of outstandingly bright shades, but the new noir-esque collection has left me incredibly inspired.

The other collection that has had me just as excited has been the launch of new lipsticks from U.S label Limecrime.

The new Candy future collection of lipsticks are an incredible range of bright, neon colours. With a clear vision of highly pigmented and colourful lipsticks, the range is a selection of pinks, purples, & dashe's of wonderfully unorthodox shades such as blue, and black; colours which I've often failed to find previously.

The Retrofuturist, and Centrifuschia shades are my paticular favourites but I'll already have to wait until the next shipment comes in, with most of the shades having already sold out!

Then theres the new Mac collections; always a favourite of mine for their selection of pigments.
I must admit the new Black collection is equally as impressive.
With blackend Lipglass, and the gorgeous gold toned Mineralize eyeshadow, alongside staple black greasepaint sticks for a handy alternative to eyeliner.

This seasons cosmetics are certainly getting me quite excited, much more than any staple pieces of clothing I've found!

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