Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Ricci ricci

I have a perfume stash thats already taking over from everything else.
With an array of fragrances from classic favourites; Classique, & Paul smith London; to new favourites; Harajuku lovers, Love; & Madame.

Theres nothing more enjoyable than a favourite fragrance. One that brings a smile to your face, favourite memories, or captivating and enticing scents.

Already intrigued by the adoreable bow shaped touches to the bottle, Ricci Ricci has fast become one of my favourite new scents.

With floral notes, heady bergamot & moonflower. It's a delicate uplifting fresh scent, yet subtley provocative and playful. Even the sample card I picked up, tied up with an adoreable bow, and the pink bottle of course ties in wonderfully with my current collection, but of course thats just an added bonus.

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