Thursday, 29 October 2009

A weekend away

Theres nothing like a weekend jaunt; as per usual I spend more time preping and packing before a weekend away. Finding the perfect sized bag, which shoes co-ordinate best with my outfits, and packing enough travel sized perfumes to last.

I love this Stepford weekend bag from JJ's Dolly rockers; it's been my trusty travel bag since the summer. So many compartments, the only problem is which one to place bits in!

My travel perfume dilemma was also solved by the wondeful invention of the solid perfumes at Lush. My personal favourite has since been discontinued but I always have my tin of Silky underwear perfume to hand on trips.

Travel cosmetics have always been the main irk when going away for a weekend. Finding my favourites in small form has always meant downsizing to travel pots or using something else.

I'm glad to at least have found the travel sample sizes of Soap & glory's pink range, & the sweet little bottles of Original source. But if only I could get travel sized cosmetics of my favourites! B never does have a rather handy little travel wrap of cosmetics, but if only it contained my favourite dark green, and purple shades in miniature form! For now I shall have to make do with packing my cream eyeshadows for trips!

All that & I'm off for a weekend in a northern city, shops and museums alike.

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