Thursday, 26 November 2009

Eyes lips face

I stumbled across E.l.f (eyes lips face) cosmetics purely by accident one day and was stunned at the affordable range of cosmetic staples they had available.

After having them bookmarked for a while, & spending a large amount of time piling up quite an order of supplies, I finally ordered my first batch of goodies last weekend.

With such a wide range to choose from I finally managed to whittle it down to just the basics that I needed to re-stock on; primer, a cuticle pen, lip plumper, powder puffs, & trusty eyeliner.

Once my package of goodies arrived (the day after ordering!, how wonderfully speedy is that!) I got to testing out my supplies over the past week.

Firstly the primer, this couldn't have been any easier to apply & was such a godsend with my eyeshadow. It left minimal creasing from my make up during the day, and made it much easier to tidy up.

The liquid eyeliner gets a thumbs up for it's ease of application. A sturdy hard applicator when compared to the usual brush, it was so much easier to apply a quick swipe of eyeliner than struggling with the bristles that I usually have on my cream eyeshadows. Having just spotted the new silver & copper versions I may be stockpiling!

The cuticle pen was a little different to my usual brush applicator pen, so it will take some getting used to in comparison.

The lip plumper was a nice shimmery minty alternative to my usual philosophy lipgloss tube; & the powder puffs have nicely replaced my old compacts.

All in all I was rather impressed with my first order from the site and will certainly be ordering more when my make up bag runs out of staple supplies. It's a wonderfully cost effective approach to cosmetic supplies, with the only noticeable difference to high end products being the packaging, the product itself doesn't skimp on quality at all. And when purse strings are still relatively tighter than normal it's quite a godsend, and a saving.

Monday, 23 November 2009

My what a handy little contraption!

I just stumbled across Find me a dress; a dress comparison website... yes you did just read that correctly.

Find me a dress is a site that hunts out all manners of dresses allowing you to find the exact frock you are after from one site rather than having to plough through them all.

Being able to search by colour, style, & size is a bonus. As a petite lady it's always a struggle to find who sells smaller petite sizes but a quick search pulled up all the sites stocking my sizes in fabulous frocks. Now if only I could find a way to speed search for kitten heels, and pencil skirts then I'd be sorted.

Thursday, 19 November 2009

Mineral make up

By now it's probably a tad out of touch to admit being a novice to mineral make up, but essentially I am quite the novice!
Having seen bareface minerals counters pop up across department stores this year my curiosity got the better of me.

I've used pigments before, alongside eye dusts and pots of powdered eyeshadows; so how different could mineral cosmetics be to these?
Well for starters mineral make up contains far more natural ingredients and components with some going as far as being completely organic.

I've found a few companies specializing in some rather unique shades and products in their mineral ranges.

Lily lolo have an astounding range of mineral make up. From the cover up concealer, I love the Blondie shade; to an array of colourful eyeshadows, including vibrant purples and blues. Natural make up really doesn't have to be natural in colour!

Afterglow cosmetics also do a great take on high end mineral make up. Even creating mineral lipsticks & glosses.

Then theres the mineral range by budget cosmetic specialist Elf. With a range that won't break the bank including a great selection of eyeshadows & blushes.

Friday, 13 November 2009

Item of the day

My favourite find of the day is this adoreably quirky 'Sew much to do necklace' at Hannah Zakari.

I adore vintage sewing machines, they have so much more character than modern equilvalents, and this necklace shows that. With a vintage styled sewing machine charm, set off wonderfully with the gold bow & scissors.

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Luella; the end of an era?

Following yesterdays post on Vogue about Luella one couldn't help but see it as the possible end of an era.

Luella is a designer who I only clocked onto last year, seeing her quirky take on the equestrian and traditional british styles. Famously adorned by the likes of Alex Chung, & Kelly Osbourne.

With the recession still biting hard on the industry it's always disheartening to see the possible loss of another designer or company, more so when it's an independent designer.

But with such a vast amount of interest in her items it seems a bit hasty for her backers (Club 21) to pull the plug so suddenly. Here's hoping a new company is found shortly.

You can read the full post on Vogue here.

Saturday, 7 November 2009

The perfect shoes

Footwear is an area thats been irking me for a long while. Being a small footed lady it's usually difficult to find shoes left in my size at most places; let alone in styles I'm actually giddy with excitement about.

I've had a paticular style of shoes in my mind for the past couple of years. Short kitten heels, all black & with a cute bow detail on the front. I may have finally find something close to the shoes I've been envisioning.

These cute black shoes from peacocks are almost an exact version of the shoes I'd imagined, abiet a taller heel than I'd thought but a bargain at £18.

Then theres these adoreable short heel shoes from Paul Smith. Closer to the style I'd imagined for the perfect shoes but far more sensible for day to day shoes, & closer to the level of heel for a starter; having worn ballet pumps and flats for the majority of the time.

Now if only I could find a version thats a close match to the both pairs & I'd be set!

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Glitter bomb

Freshly back from an extended weekend jaunt, one thing that really got me excited shopping was the selection of glittery make up out for the party season.

I've never paticularly been one for the party season; more the concept of only dressing up for the season, you should be dressing up at every available oppourtunity!! but I have always took advantage of the abundance of glitters on sale around the winter season.

One thing that really struck my eye was the glitter selections at B never. For their christmas gifts in store they have the most amazing little gift packs to construct glittery, and burlesque inspired looks. I paticularly loved the bling glitter tube sets, each glitter in it a mini tube ready to apply.

I've long been a fan of their ethical cosmetics, the cream eyeshadows are outstanding and a great alternative to liquid eyeliner. So the expansion of their glitter cream eyeshadows has also had me resisting the urge to buy the entire collection, if only they came in the same miniature gift set form as the cream eyeshadows.

For the winter season, glitter-tastic favourites; Barry M have also launched a new Glitter lash wand.
The new Glitter lash is described as "a glamorous and fun way to bring attention to your eyes". And in a range of 6 glittery shades, the gold in paticular stands out on the preview. Not available in stores until mid-November, I'll be sure to raid the testers later this month.

But of all the products I've tried, tested, and thoroughly used over the years. My favourite glittery eyeliner has to be the bargainous £1 glitter eyeliners at Primark. I've got a stealthy supply of the gold glitter eyeliner thats lasted far longer than my Heavy metal eyeliner, or a through applying of Bling bling base, and loose glitter.