Thursday, 26 November 2009

Eyes lips face

I stumbled across E.l.f (eyes lips face) cosmetics purely by accident one day and was stunned at the affordable range of cosmetic staples they had available.

After having them bookmarked for a while, & spending a large amount of time piling up quite an order of supplies, I finally ordered my first batch of goodies last weekend.

With such a wide range to choose from I finally managed to whittle it down to just the basics that I needed to re-stock on; primer, a cuticle pen, lip plumper, powder puffs, & trusty eyeliner.

Once my package of goodies arrived (the day after ordering!, how wonderfully speedy is that!) I got to testing out my supplies over the past week.

Firstly the primer, this couldn't have been any easier to apply & was such a godsend with my eyeshadow. It left minimal creasing from my make up during the day, and made it much easier to tidy up.

The liquid eyeliner gets a thumbs up for it's ease of application. A sturdy hard applicator when compared to the usual brush, it was so much easier to apply a quick swipe of eyeliner than struggling with the bristles that I usually have on my cream eyeshadows. Having just spotted the new silver & copper versions I may be stockpiling!

The cuticle pen was a little different to my usual brush applicator pen, so it will take some getting used to in comparison.

The lip plumper was a nice shimmery minty alternative to my usual philosophy lipgloss tube; & the powder puffs have nicely replaced my old compacts.

All in all I was rather impressed with my first order from the site and will certainly be ordering more when my make up bag runs out of staple supplies. It's a wonderfully cost effective approach to cosmetic supplies, with the only noticeable difference to high end products being the packaging, the product itself doesn't skimp on quality at all. And when purse strings are still relatively tighter than normal it's quite a godsend, and a saving.

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