Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Glitter bomb

Freshly back from an extended weekend jaunt, one thing that really got me excited shopping was the selection of glittery make up out for the party season.

I've never paticularly been one for the party season; more the concept of only dressing up for the season, you should be dressing up at every available oppourtunity!! but I have always took advantage of the abundance of glitters on sale around the winter season.

One thing that really struck my eye was the glitter selections at B never. For their christmas gifts in store they have the most amazing little gift packs to construct glittery, and burlesque inspired looks. I paticularly loved the bling glitter tube sets, each glitter in it a mini tube ready to apply.

I've long been a fan of their ethical cosmetics, the cream eyeshadows are outstanding and a great alternative to liquid eyeliner. So the expansion of their glitter cream eyeshadows has also had me resisting the urge to buy the entire collection, if only they came in the same miniature gift set form as the cream eyeshadows.

For the winter season, glitter-tastic favourites; Barry M have also launched a new Glitter lash wand.
The new Glitter lash is described as "a glamorous and fun way to bring attention to your eyes". And in a range of 6 glittery shades, the gold in paticular stands out on the preview. Not available in stores until mid-November, I'll be sure to raid the testers later this month.

But of all the products I've tried, tested, and thoroughly used over the years. My favourite glittery eyeliner has to be the bargainous £1 glitter eyeliners at Primark. I've got a stealthy supply of the gold glitter eyeliner thats lasted far longer than my Heavy metal eyeliner, or a through applying of Bling bling base, and loose glitter.

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