Thursday, 19 November 2009

Mineral make up

By now it's probably a tad out of touch to admit being a novice to mineral make up, but essentially I am quite the novice!
Having seen bareface minerals counters pop up across department stores this year my curiosity got the better of me.

I've used pigments before, alongside eye dusts and pots of powdered eyeshadows; so how different could mineral cosmetics be to these?
Well for starters mineral make up contains far more natural ingredients and components with some going as far as being completely organic.

I've found a few companies specializing in some rather unique shades and products in their mineral ranges.

Lily lolo have an astounding range of mineral make up. From the cover up concealer, I love the Blondie shade; to an array of colourful eyeshadows, including vibrant purples and blues. Natural make up really doesn't have to be natural in colour!

Afterglow cosmetics also do a great take on high end mineral make up. Even creating mineral lipsticks & glosses.

Then theres the mineral range by budget cosmetic specialist Elf. With a range that won't break the bank including a great selection of eyeshadows & blushes.

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