Saturday, 7 November 2009

The perfect shoes

Footwear is an area thats been irking me for a long while. Being a small footed lady it's usually difficult to find shoes left in my size at most places; let alone in styles I'm actually giddy with excitement about.

I've had a paticular style of shoes in my mind for the past couple of years. Short kitten heels, all black & with a cute bow detail on the front. I may have finally find something close to the shoes I've been envisioning.

These cute black shoes from peacocks are almost an exact version of the shoes I'd imagined, abiet a taller heel than I'd thought but a bargain at £18.

Then theres these adoreable short heel shoes from Paul Smith. Closer to the style I'd imagined for the perfect shoes but far more sensible for day to day shoes, & closer to the level of heel for a starter; having worn ballet pumps and flats for the majority of the time.

Now if only I could find a version thats a close match to the both pairs & I'd be set!

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