Saturday, 5 December 2009

My other passion is through a lense

Alongside my fondness for fashion I'm also a geek for cameras; paticularly lomography.
My most recent purchase has been the Golden half camera, a special camera that takes 2 shots per frame meaning that you get wonderful split photo results.

Having found the camera amongst some fabulous twin lense's, and lomos at Fred Aldous in Manchester I was instantly excited by the format of the camera and just had to grab one to add to my collection of lomos; already owning a Pop 9 and Super sampler, I regularly take keep one in my bag at all times for spur of the moment shots.

I took my recent purchase out on a trip this week shopping around the christmas markets of Birmingham, having only just acquired my Golden half I've no clue what the results will turn out like but if this Flickr feed is anything to go by I can expect some rather unique results.

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