Monday, 7 December 2009

Oh heavens..

Yet another wonderful company is about to close it's doors; it's truly disheartening when such a unique cosmetics company has to cease trading.

I've mentioned B never a few times here; having discovered their products since the day they launched; being an avid shopper at Lush (their sister company) for at least a decade, I fell for their products instantly.

With a unique approach to boutique cosmetic shopping; their original Carnaby street branch was a little nugget of joy nestled off Oxford street. The vintage perfume bottles and cabinets hosting an array of perfumes, eye shadows, creams, and powders was the closest to an apothecary busting with cosmetics that I'd seen.

They really struck a chord for their bright colourful, and retro inspired colours amongst their range of eye shadows, and cream eye shadows. The latter being the best I've found, almost using my tube of Bramble cream eyeshadow every day; it really is rather fabulous, a step above liquid eyeliner by far.

Of course not to forget the array of perfumes; Love being my favourite amongst the selection smelling like a sultry seductive but sweet sherbert.
The bottles all stand out like a selection vintage collectibles containing fragrant beauties.

I'll miss the company when it closes it's doors shortly; having not long visited the Leeds branch last month I had no idea the company's closure was looming. With new products in abundance, and an enticing selection of christmas gifts on the counters.

I'll be sure to put in a mammoth order of my favourites, and products I had yet to try out; the lip creams were always on my list for the decadent gold leaf on top. The company will be sorely missed, and I can but hope that at least the fragrances will crop over to Lush's selection of perfumes and gifts.

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