Tuesday, 1 December 2009

The on going petite hunt continues..

As a 5ft 1" lady, around a size 6-8 it's typically harder than most to find clothing that actually fits well. T-shirts should not bag around the neckline, dresses should fall off at the top whilst fitting snuggly around the hips, & trousers shouldn't be so long that I'd have to hem 1/6 of the leg up to ensure that they fit.

This is a dilemma that I've had for a long while when clothing shopping, being of my particular figure I never like to shop online for clothing unless it's a brand I particularly trust sizing wise after having visited them in store previously. So it's harder than normal to just shop for new outfits.

In part of my ongoing hunt I thought it would be fitting to document my findings on my blog; as I've found looking online most searches for petite clothing pull up either rants about size 0 clothing, or arguments about the current model sizing on the catwalk (that's another debate altogether of course). But finding what I'm really after; links to companies who make both petite ranges whilst also catering for smaller sizes, has been more of a struggle than you'd think.

In my most recent quest I've been scouring the usual high street suspects. Whilst most do list petite, and small sizes on their sizing guides or collections I've often found after taking arm fulls into the changing room with me that not much has actually fit me well.


H & M I've found a bit tricky but they have always been spot on with tops in my size. The sizing is true to the actual measurements & I've never felt drowned in a top designed for a taller frame.

Primark are actually the best I've found for tops though. With both size 6 & 8's being a fantastic fit, for basic petite friendly items you really can't go wrong.

Marks & spencer are spot on with their skirts, unfortunately only running up to a size 8 at the smallest, meaning that dresses and tops are out for me but the skirts are again a flattering and comfy petite fit.

Both Primark and Topshop are fabulous for high street dresses. With both running up to a size 6 (the latter a 4, amongst a great petite range) I've found their dresses to fit petite figures in all the right places with no bagginess around the neckline, or the bust.

Jeans & trousers

I've found Dorothy perkins are the best when it comes to both jeans & trousers. When I've needed a new pair of day to day jeans, the casual range has been an incredibly comfort fit and I've never had to adjust the hem which is a bonus.

Of course theres still far more places for me to scour through the rails but so far I've found these high street stores to be above the best for my petite, small frame.

-Images c/o Stock xchng-


  1. My wife had a hard time finding petite clothing. She gave up going to stores and started shopping online. She told me she wished there was a directory of petite stores, so I created one for her. Please check out petitesite.com.


  2. I have a similar problem with finding Petite clothes as I am only 5ft 2. I am a size 12 which makes it slighly easier. I have found M & S and Next both good but get a bit bored with shopping at these two. Thanks for your helpful review

  3. it really isn't easy to find clothes that fit. but, look on the bright side - after altering the piece of clothing so that it fits, it will most likely look unique :)

  4. I too am petite. I've found Zara to be great for dresses - particularly LBDs for day and evening wear!

  5. It's nice to see a petite blog without the size 0 ranting - some people are naturally small, and sometimes we're not catered for. Thank you!


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