Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Oh it's terribly nippy..

I don't think I need to tell you just how cold it is outside, it's so icy and nippy I've barely stepped foot outside since Thursday. Luckily this year I've been somewhat more prepared for the winter, having purchased my perfect pair of kitten heeled booties for the snow, hoarding a selection of vintage inspired muffs & hats, & spending the past month knitting up my own replica Tom Baker era doctor who scarf; every lady needs one too!

I've had a thoroughly enjoyable winter so far though, getting to traipse around vintage fairs for a spot of shopping and take in some festive treats at the same time. I even managed to slip in a review for another site on my last fair visit to Chester's Utility market, which you can read here.

I'll be looking forward to spending the rest of the month tucked up with another bundle of knitting, flicking through the latest offering of The chap, & enjoying a fair few warm tipples!

Have a Merry Christmas readers, & make sure you wrap up sensibly warm!

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Thursday, 9 December 2010

The vintage tour part 2

My what a busy few weeks I've had, with an abundance of vintage fairs to visit even with the horrendous cold snap that we've had recently.

I picked my tour back up in Leeds for what was the pop up vintage shop in The corn exchange, somewhat disappointing though as the only pop up store I found was a vintage hairdressers nestled amongst some tables. There were plenty of vintage shops but whether they were part of the pop up fair or not I couldn't tell, so a somewhat baffling visit.

After that I made my way to the Handbags and gladrags vintage fair in Liverpool. Set in the gorgeous surroundings of Kingdom bar, it was a small affair but there was the equally tasty Christmas cupcake section and a stunning bar area so it was quite a pleasant shopping experience and day out.

Then came the last minute trip to Chester for Just another vintage fair, a slightly regular event in the area this was set at Cruise nightclub, somewhere new since my last visit to the area. A grand two floor event with a random mixture of vintage traders and local bands; personally I could have done without the local bands on show on the bottom floor but with the floors split it just meant having to flit across the floor to get in & out.

There was a marvelous selection of traders on show though, and it made for a good last minute day out.

Finishing off my tour I managed to pop a vintage pop up shop in by accident for the day job, I swung by Clothes show live and managed to stumble upon Anita's vintage fair's pop up shop. A vintage fair I'd been meaning to take in but kept missing, so to find it by accident was a great find!

There was a great selection of everything from home wares to clothing, so managed to have a good little rummage and grab a few stunning brooches too.

That's most of my vintage fair going's done for the year; there's a couple more to take in if I find the time but if not I'll be pencilling a few in for January to kick start the new year. I could get used to flitting around the North West in the name of vintage fashion blogging!

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Friday, 26 November 2010

Black Friday favourites

Spotting the term Black Friday on blogs yesterday in the lead up I'd hope it was a closet goth appreciation day, rather than the bargainous start of the Christmas shopping rush. Only I could possibly think that! So in a twist on my old Friday favorite feature I've picked a few of my closet goth favourites, all black & stunning!

Of course I can't start a goth-centric favourites list without a black lipstick, it's a shade that's been coming back in high fashion lately so who better to grab a black lipstick from then Lime Crime, Styletto is a stunning shade I may brave grabbing a tube this weekend whilst their Black Friday discount weekend is in full force, so it's much cheaper than a trip to Space NK this weekend!

There's a stunning range of gothic jewellery in Topshop's collection this season, and the rings are by far the stand out pieces. I adore this super large lace covered cocktail ring that's one of the really stand out items.

The abundance of velvet this season has also had my inner goth perking up. Velvet blazers being my favourite in particular, this tailored jacket at Asos is just stunning for a more vintage inspired look.

My favourite autumn purchase so far has been these suedette Victorian meets mod boots at Very, perfectly Victorian inspired for a touch of goth chic.

In my old goth days Stargazer's range was my staple choice, I still grab tid bits from their ranges today, in particular the stunning range of eye dusts which are a bargain at £3 for a tub which literally lasts for years! & in a glittery black shade you can't get more goth than that.

And to finish off the stunning range of corsets by Vollers have always been tempting, in elegant brocades, velvets, & taffeta fabrics so even if you don't fancy fully gothing up you can at least have an elegant waistline.

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Sunday, 14 November 2010

The vintage tour part 1

It's been a knackering week, I started my northern vintage fair tour a little later than anticipated. Kicking off last Saturday at the Handbags & gladrags fair in Liverpool in the stylish Kingdom bar, which was a quaint affair but still a good day out flitting around Liverpool which is more than worth a stint up Bold street for the selection of vintage boutiques, and the darling Petticoat lane arcade.

After that I spent yesterday in Manchester for the big vintage fair at The printworks. In one of my favourite areas of the city, not just for the amazing Escher-esque Irish pub in The printworks, but of course a great selection of department stores. It was a little less busy than I'd anticipated, and if only the tea party that was advertised had been there that would have been grand!

But it was also great timing for the Christmas fair in Manchester, always nice to swing by the mulled wine tent and I even managed to grab a rather tasty pimms flavoured cupcake from one of the food stands for the journey home.

So far I think I've spend more time at both fairs wandering around exploring the cities than browsing at the fairs due the quieter turn out of traders at both shows, but I'm not letting that put me off finishing the rest of my leg. There's still a selection of regular monthly fairs back in Liverpool next month and the marvellous pop up vintage fair at the Corn exchange in Leeds which I'll be visiting next weekend before it closes (always a good excuse to swing by the stunning arcades too). Besides a lady always needs a good excuse for a jaunt out dressed to the nines.

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Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Stop and put your feet up..

Such a busy month I've barely had time to stop. Autumn's such a funny time of the year it always creeps up far too fast. October was so busy I barely had time to even start my vintage fair tour, but I'll be shimmying on over to the Handbag's and gladrags fair on Saturday to make up for the late start!

But I have found some time to ogle a few items online, I spotted this beauty in September and was dying to see when it hit the stores. I'm aways after more faux fur jackets and this little number by Iron fist is rather cute; a grey leopard print faux fur jacket with a swing style cut.

Carrying on the grey theme this grey feathered cape by Asos is also rather darling, a spot of burlesque, and classic style. But whatever would I wear it to! I'll just have to pet it..

My last favourite find has to be this plethora of glittery pots at Fragrance direct by Nyx. I've never seen such a range of colours, and glitter is my one trashy weakness from my Kenickie inspired days. The turquoise and green shades are on my must buy list.

Now I'm off to put my feet up, abuse the last of my lush stash before a pre-christmas stockpile and road test some stunning new gel packs that have landed my way for my blogging work for alt fashion, what a better excuse to start my fair tour this weekend.

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Sunday, 17 October 2010

A vintage tour across the north

Normally you'd be hard pushed to find anything outside of the Southern borders but lately it seems like there's been quite a boom in vintage fairs and markets 'up north.

Liverpool has always been a city that's fashion forward, you'd be hard pushed not to stumble across an independent boutique, or vintage shop whilst pursing the streets of the city. So it comes as no surprise that the city is also home to not just one major vintage fair, but now several.

After stumbling across this plethora of fairs it only seems right to spend my autumn/winter doing a bit of vintage shopping, and these fairs seem to be the pick of the bunch for a bit of variation throughout the season.

Liverpool's big vintage fair launched earlier this year, a fair with a difference you'll find not just stalls in abundance but also vintage fashion shows. The next fair will be at the stunning surroundings of the Met quarter on the 30th, with a Manchester branch of the fair raiding the print works next month.

Vintage fashion fairs appear to have snuck up on me out of the blue, a north west based touring vintage fair which will be hitting Chester through to Liverpool this autumn & winter. A tad more for the entry price, but it's not just vintage fashion but also antiques and textiles throughout the fair.

Handbags and gladrags is another newcomer to Liverpool, launched by vintage shop Snooky Ookums the fair features both vintage attire and designers in the stylish settings of Kingdom cocktail bar. With a cupcake and cocktail room, plus free entry and two fairs next month on the 6th and 27th.

Pillbox vintage fairs are one of the busiest in the city, with regular fairs on the second and last Sunday of the month alongside vintage shopping nights the first Thursday of the month. So if you manage to miss one, you can easily pick another to pop along to.

What more an excuse does a lady need to do a spot of vintage Christmas shopping this season!

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Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Forever 21 lands

After a recent excursion to Birmingham I was quite surprised that this little news nugget had passed me by as I spotted a giant Forever 21 board in the bullring.

The U.S brand has often been compared to H & M for it's affordable fashion and style. I've long been envying the bargainous finds of U.S bloggers from Forever 21 and now it seems we're not long off having the UK's very first branch of Forever 21.

Looking at the U.S site I can just hope that we have similar lines with the launch over here. The knit dresses, slouch tops, and endless range of jewellery is enough to make you overload your basket.

The store is still in the process of development over here & according to industry insiders it won't open until early 2011 but plans for further branches across the UK already seem to be in discussion. Here's hoping it lives up to it's marvellous comparisons.

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Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Delightfully scented

20 years on who'd have though scratch & sniff would make a comeback? Designer Helen Rochfort; who's delightfully quirky bags have had me gleeing for years, has brought back scratch & sniff with a fashionable note.

Her latest autumn/winter range sees a selection of 3 scratch and sniff designs are part of the collection. I adore this cute cherry print for a touch of classic quirkyness. Not sure how I'd feel about having a sweet scented bag but perhaps the scents will win me over, I'll be poking at them in store when the collections make an appearance soon.

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Friday, 13 August 2010

Just when you thought you'd seen it all...

Someone goes & surprises you with perhaps the most unimaginable lipstick ever.

I thought I was going mad the other day when I read about Paul & Joe's cat lipstick, turns out I wasn't going mad at all; it actually exists.

I'm not sure if I'd want to attempt applying a cat shaped lipstick, but I must admit it does look adorably eccentric; & the shades stunning to boot. More a collectible than an actual wearable lipstick.

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Thursday, 12 August 2010

It's all in the tea wear

I adore a good bit of elegant home ware, it can spruce up any place & personally it gives me that little fuzzy feeling of delight inside.

I don't know what it is about this time of the year that has me on a real kitchenware kick but I've been utterly gleeful about it lately. But you can't beat a good plate, cake stand, & vintage china.

One site that's had me giddy with excitement over their selection of whimsical home wares is Wysteria Lane. With vintage tea cups, darling tea pots, & trays; all in stunning designs & shades.

The tea cups, and 'tea bag' saucers in particular have caught my eye for afternoon tea essentials.

You can't beat the selection of darling plates, & cake stands at Urban Outfitters either. The new autumn selection screams afternoon tea in a delightfully quirky manner, if only their over sized tea cup garden pot was actually functional!

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Friday, 30 July 2010

Tea parties & reading

What a busy month, there's no more pleasant way to finish off July then with a tea party toast & a vintage fair!

Popping back to the le 'ol haunt for this marvellous vintage market tomorrow. A combination of shopping, music, & to top it off nicely a tea party toast; how fabulous!

I'd actually been meaning to swing by one of Utility's monthly markets for ages now, so what better an excuse when it's a shindig of a day.

I've also just discovered in a fitting fashion, Vintage life magazine. A bi-monthly magazine deciated to all things vintage. The online preview shows just how wonderful a selection of features they have; it's not just vintage fashion, it's also beauty, lifestyle, home ware, & even baking!

The 2nd edition arrived in my letterbox today and I'm set up for a nice evening read with a cuppa & some scones.

Image: The commons; Flickr

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Sunday, 25 July 2010

Sunday favourites

This month has literally flown by, it barely seems like the first week of the month. I've still made time to window shop; or web window shop as it were & also pick out a few favourite pieces.

I've been a beauty binge this month, the sun burning away at my skin must be reminding me to stock up on essentials. Naturally of course they have to be a bit different!

The new range of Doll Face cosmetics at Dolly dagger have been working their way into my wishlist. A u.s brand, doll face has a stunning range of classic inspired products with some stunningly named cleansers, masks, & scrubs. Now I just need to whittle my list down to 1 thing to try out!

A little cheer me up has also been finding that my local Boots now has a Models own counter; the 2 for £8 offer has also had me picking round the counter testing favourites from the web shop. The tinted lip balm, & pastel shade nail varnishe's are a summer favourite at the moment.

Not to forget the collection of Rose & co balms too; having had the rose petal salve on my list for some time (purely neglect on my part to remember to grab some!), I'd almost weighed myself down with treats.

Then there's the difficult pick of a perfect day to day spf moisturiser to suit the rest of the summer months. I think I've found a winner with the Clinique Super city block; an spf of 40 is surely enough to maintain a pale complexion throughout the rest of the summer!

And of course if you haven't had time to swing by the Illasmasqua web store lately, theres a marvellous 50% off section with some stunning to be discontinued items for grabs till the end of the month.

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Sunday, 4 July 2010

Sunday favourites

What a glorious fortnight it's been, sure my wool knit skirts may have been sticking to me in the work place, and my Illamasqua glosse's liquifying even more in my bag but it's been a change of pace from the horrendous cold winter, and traditional wet British summer. Saying that though I'm still caking myself in as much sunscreen as possible; I'm English I can't tan!

In between enjoying the summer, and drinking my body weight in frappucinos I have found some time to hunt out some favourites this week.

For a bit of quirky vintage taste I adore these typewriter key rings at Rock 'N' Rose. A touch of vintage style that sets a more unique finishing look.

90's style seems to be coming back with a vengance this year; the one aspect I'm glad to see back is the Kinderwhore look (babydoll dresse's, peter pan collars, & oodles of lace with a grunge twist). Ever after the perfect babydoll inspired top I adore this new addition to Collectif's range; the Imelda top has the perfect puff sleeves with a flattering cut.

There's even a wide range of perfect babydoll dresse's, with oodles of lace, peter pan collars, & polka dot prints in Primark's summer range.

And for the perfect sale's purchase I had to grab these Vivienne Westwood inspired flats at Office. With a darling heart and pointy toes they are the perfect work foot wear!

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Wednesday, 23 June 2010

The perfect sunglasses

During this epic bought of actual summer weather (such a rarity over here!) I've been trying on sunglasses left, right, and centre over the past few weeks.

Normally as a glasses wearer I tend to forget to check about getting prescription lenses in designer glasses so I tend to leave them, but as of this summer I've decided to finally bag myself a good handy pair of prescription designer glasses.

Picking an actual shade to suit both my sartorial style, and my face has been rather fun; this season so many designers have actually been on my wavelength. Tom Ford's latest collection have been largely influenced by the 60's taking direct inspiration from his film A single man. I adore the cross over effect glasses, and large cream coloured frames.

Paul Smith's range has also had me grappling at the shelves; the tortoise shell styled designs, and retro inspired plastic frames are just stunning.

Then there's the stunning large bug eyed frames of Miu Miu; in a stunning purple shade with pink lenses.

I am finding myself more drawn to the stunning retro 60's inspired designs available, with such choice even further afield I am finding myself rather spoilt! Now to just whittle it down to a pair, or at least two...

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Saturday, 19 June 2010

Saturday favourites

My where has the time gone! It's been such a hectic fortnight at the day job that all else has been pushed aside, but I've distracted myself greatly over the past week with a few treats & future wants.

Taking a touch of the adoreable, mixed with my dark side; ever a fondness for zombie related cuteness when I found this Zombie pussy dress by Katie Crush I almost died! It's such a cute cut dress, with a slightly gorey but adoreable print.

Continuing the cute diy touch, I've long been a fan of Clutterfly for their cute take on tattoo inspired jewellery. This newest addition of a tiger heart design is just darling; & reminds me of one of my 90's faves Kenickie.

Even though it's taken me weeks to finally have a test of the new make up range at Topshop I've already found a few favourites. I'm adoring the bargainous pots of glitter, & pastel nail varnish shades; particularly the lemon sorbet like Bees knee's shade, such a darling summery shade!

And on a finally summery note, this Breton tunic at Urban Outfitters is the perfect long summer tee; heck if I'm feeling brave enough I may just team it up with some bright tights!

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Monday, 31 May 2010

Jean Paul Gaultier for Melissa

We've already had the darling plastic wedges, flats, & winged heels of the Vivienne Westwood for Melissa collaboration with the company renowed for their stunning plastic heels. Now comes the newest collaboration with Jean Paul Gaultier.

I wasn't sure what to expect, stripey heels, or jaged heels but the preview so far of the interweaving plastic strips and thin heel does look wonderfully effective. Taking the best elements out of his designs and taking a twist on Melissa's classic plastic designs.

The full collection debuts shortly next month and with the already stunning heel unveiled I can't wait to see the rest!

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Saturday, 22 May 2010

Nails inc meets Diet Coke

I've long adored Nail's Inc collections for their quirky place names and outstanding quality nail varnish (I've had one bottle of top coat for 5 years that's still going strong!).

Their latest venture sees them teaming up with Diet Coke to collaborate on a limited edition collection of nail varnish's. The collection consists of four shades in vibrant purple, pink, red, & a modest cream shade, all named after worldwide cities.

The limited edition ranges are now available in Boots as a special offer when you buy bottles of Diet coke up to June 30th. Now I know where I need to raiding during my lunch break!

The vibrant purple 'Paris', & cream 'London' shades are my favourites to nab at the moment during my break!

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Saturday, 15 May 2010

Saturday favourites

Such a busy week, I've been up & down the country in the name of work; resting my weary feet in style. Whilst it's seemed more like winter than summer this week at least my selection of Primani vintage inspired umbrella's have been put to good use!

Here's a few of my favourite finds this week, and a few future wishlist items.

Want pin up on a budget? I've just discovered that Alt brand Living dead souls have a selection of stunning frocks in their new range. This pinstripe number really caught my eye.

Talking of pin up frocks I've also been eyeing up the selection at Vivien of Holloway after catching a feature in the previous issue of The Chap. With a selection of pencil dresse's to die for.

I'm always a sucker for a beauty bargain too, Pop beauty have long been one of my high street faves for their selection of glitter kits a few years back; so how glad was I when I found that discount shop Direct Cosmetics have got a few of their old stock items in store! Now to just settle my wishlist down to a few items from several!

And to top off the week I'm now a new Trendsetter over at Shop it to me! You can find a selection of stylish and fashionable bloggers listed on the site, where you can also find lots of fashion bargains.

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Sunday, 9 May 2010

Item of the day

I couldn't have hit Ctrl + D fast enough when I spotted this, it screams of my long standing fashion idol Candida Doyle (Pulp); whose rainbow stripes and plastic rings have long affected my wardrobe choices.

It's the right combination of knitwear, rainbow stripes, and quirkyness with a darling bow on top. Now to just raid my local Miss Selfridge to find one!

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Saturday, 8 May 2010

Cosmetics, cosmetics, cosmetics..

The world of make up over here has just got that bit more exciting over the past few weeks; this week saw the final unveiling of the Topshop make up collection, through to U.S fave Lime Crime hitting Space NK counters last month.

I was already rather excited by the announcement earlier this year of the new Topshop make up range, I was an avid Topshop make up raider back in my late teens when they used to run their own range amongst the likes of Pop beauty. So to hear that they were bringing make up back to their stores was fantastic news.

The Topshop collection is far more mammoth that I could have imagined; crammed with crayon pencils in bright glittering blues, cute multi-coloured lipglosses, & an astounding wide range of nail varnishes.
Not to forget the packaging, with a mixed of sketched polka dots and stripes adorning each individually designed item. They've certainly made a real effort with the range, bursting with in season pastel nail shades, coral lipsticks & glosses, to glittering bright eye shadows, & crayons.

Of course then there was the launch of U.S label Lime Crime at Space NK late last month. A brand I've already harped on about for their wonderful range of shades in matte shades; I've long searched for a bright blue lipstick in a matte shade!

To be able to pick up their range in a nearby UK branch is fantastic, even more so to get to play with each shade in person & truly define which shades suit me. Now my list has essentially grown from the 1 shade, to at least 3!

Not to forget the much awaited launch of Illamasqua's Body electric's range, bursting with illumination's, and bronze hues. The dazzling metallic Liquid metal and vibrant blue nail varnish are stand out pieces for those us not quite brave enough to venture into the bronzer's and oil's.

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Friday, 30 April 2010

Friday favourites

That rare glimpse of free time; looking forward to a good 3 day weekend to catch up on everything I've missed over the working week. But whilst I attempt to sit back and relax armed with the laptop here's a few treats I've found this week.

On the hunt for more good heels for work wear; it's always handy to have another co-ordinating pair knocking around! & I've fallen for these darling heels at Office; I am easily swayed by good mary jane style heels!

If only my local branch of Hawes & Curtis didn't close down last year; I've only just spotted their selection of short sleeved shirts. This stripey number is perfect & just what I've been poking around for as work wear.

I've already banged on about how cute the Lime Crime lipstick collection is so I was delighted to spot that they've arrived at my local Space NK. Centrifuschia is outstandingly bright up close, and I'm already planning to pop back and grab My beautiful rocket.

Then of course there's the latest issue of The chap which I managed to pick up last weekend; worth it alone for the new addition of The chapette section for a mention of my favourite tea room, Betty's in York.

Now I just need my monthly subscription of Nylon to drop through the post box and I'm all set!

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Friday, 23 April 2010

Dear high street...

I think I've finally fallen out of love with you...

If it's not your unflattering cuts, horrendous choices of trims or colouring on clothing, or just simply ignoring actual size guides altogether; it's all gotten too much for me.

I'm sick of having to settle for pieces when I'm in need of a quick work suitable piece when one of my other high street pieces has worn away, or gotten to the point of no repair.

Of course with my particular style tastes I tend not to buy too many choice high street pieces regularly, but living between cities it makes it's that much easier to pop to the nearer of the two for the occasional purchase and shop.

Having to raid the changing room armed with 2 of each item (in different sizes), to walk out without a single thing that fits properly, or flatters my figure. Clothing shouldn't make you feel like you need to loose more weight to fit into the almost right dress, or roll up the jean leg hem a good 3 inches so they don't drag under your heels.

And if it's not that then the choices available aren't paticularly appealing; give or take the odd nautical or parisian inspired tunic top I've not exactly been running to the rail to grab that choice piece lately.

Whereas I've never had an issues with sizing, fit, style, or comfort when it comes to designers pieces, or independent retailers.

I think the past week of traipsing around stores in my lunch hour to find new items that fit has been somewhat of a final straw for me. Whilst I admittedly still won't stray too from M & S for their lingerie, I think in the months to come I'll be saving up for designer pieces every few months instead. It may mean I won't have any new ensembles for work for a while; but I'd much rather save for that flattering frock, than a tight cuffed shirt and loose at the waist skirt combo.

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Saturday, 17 April 2010

Retro fashion week

It seems like vintage & retro style is definitely back in this year, with a number of events cropping up the latest to add to our diaries is the upcoming Retro fashion week.

Retro fashion week is set to be a week long online interactive event featuring the latest in Retro Fashion, Beauty, & Designs.

The events will see not just UK based designers, and shops getting involved but also international stylistas, designers, & shops; where they can share their passion for vintage & retro fashion with a week of events.

Retro fashion week is set to launch on May 17th to keep up with the latest details or get involved you can pop by the site: retrofashionweek.com

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Thursday, 8 April 2010

Put your blogging foot forward

A few years ago the very notion that a blogger could have the power to dictate fashion & style trends would have been laughed at; nowadays it's a growing flurry of interest both in the media and with readers.

Bloggers are turned to for fashion advice, cutting edge style, and tips from real women who wear the very clothing, cosmetics, & accessories that we've been eager to buy.

I've noticed a growing trend in the mainstream press turning to bloggers for their advice, style, and words particularly more so in the past year. Of course this has been largely noticeable with bloggers attending London fashion week as regularly as the staff of Vogue & Elle, to blogger profile features in magazines. But it also seems to have sparked a flurry of inspiration to younger bloggers to get involved & start their own fashion blog up.

It's certainly inspiring to see such fresh, inventive perspectives on fashion from younger bloggers. From the ability to inspire with Body image positive features, to cutting & pasting their own on line 'zine's, and street fashion photography.

But where do we go from here?, with bloggers already cutting through the red tape at fashion events and catwalks what's next for bloggers to cut the mark through? Will we see key bloggers taking on roles at printed publications, or taking to the red carpet for style tips and shots of inspiration.

It's certainly a fashion forward time, with technology and social networking helping us all to blog more frequently and actively than we would have several years ago. Whilst you can't beat a good sit with several magazines for seasonal inspiration, you can also get a wonderful spark of creativity from a bloggers; whether it's diy tips and tutorials, style advice, or simply photography inspiration.

-Image: The commons; Flickr-

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