Sunday, 31 January 2010

Pushing daisies

So rarely has a tv show had me as gleeful about the decor and outfits as Pushing Daisies has. I've been re-watching both seasons this past month and I'd forgotten just how adoreable the show was. It's as if Tim Burton was allowed to re-make Amelie.

It's one of those shows that can make you smirk, and glee at the same time, with a delightful touch of dark comedy and bright theatrics at the same. Another one of those great lost programmes that was unfortunately axed before it even got into a full swing.

Another thing I paticularly adore about this show is the quirky outfits and attire in each episode; from the flight attendant inspired outfits of the Bittersweets taffy emporium staff, to the darling frocks in Chuck's wardobe. All taken with a pinch of 50's nostalgia with a bright colourful touch that off plays the dark humour wonderfully.

It may have been axed before it even really began but it's one of those shows I can happily re-watch and take a few outfit notes from at the time; marvellous!

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Thursday, 28 January 2010

Does perfume reflect your personality?

My perfume collection consists of heavy rose, light floral, & sweet candy scents with only a similar floral note detecting each fragrances similarities. So what does this say about my personality?

David Pybus of Dragon’s Den Company Scents of Time, has researched over 150 executive women to try and establish a link between scent and personality. It focused on whether there is a direct link between personality types and what perfumes they wear.

You can't help but wonder if perfume choices are distinctly pointed to your personality type. Does choosing floral, and sweet scents put me out as more of a distinct personality?, or is it merely a visual choice as well as familiar notes that help me pick out fragrance choices?

According to the results of David Pybus's research introverted personalities like myself would go for more "quiet, discrete perfumes, such as soft florals"; & whilst being classed as a “Thinker” I would go for "classics such as Chanel 5 and Beautiful."

Although I think my tendency to pick many brands, and scents in my fragrance selection puts me more into his last category; “feeling/sensing” types (who) have a wide spread of name choice, with no one brand in particular favour.

Still judging by that my choices are wide and varied but with similar brand loyalties to my clothing choices. With a collection abundant with Paul Smith, & Jean paul Gaultier in particular; varying to odd perfumes from Harajuku Lovers, to La Croix.

I'd say that my perfume choices are much more reflective of my personal tastes than personality, but to a more distinct nose as I waft past I could be telling them I'm an introverted arty type.

Your perfume choices may reflect your personality right down to your quirky little socks, but for others it may merely reflect their personal tastes and favourite memories depicted in a particular scent. And it's that variety that I adore more.

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Sunday, 24 January 2010

My fashion icons; part 3


Mansun were technically speaking my local heroes; both style wise and musically. I first discovered them when they just released “Attack of the grey lantern”, initially lured in by the fanciful rose artwork which reminded me of the stunning rose shot on MSP's “Gold against the soul”, that comparison alone had me pick it up.

Following my first listen to the album I soon twigged that they weren't just a musically talented bunch but an astoundingly dressed group at that. The punkish stylings with a touch of glam reminded me of David Bowie's wardrobe being tossed at a young John Lydon, the notes of tartan prints, frilly blouses, safety pins, and mascara teamed up with trainers was an eye opening combination. I instantly went out treking around Mothercare for several boxes of safety pins to don my favourite velour jacket the following weekend.

Their choices of mixing vintage classics with new and high street pieces was something that hadn't occurred to me previously, they'd turned me onto an entirely new method of dressing. Picking vintage, and second hand pieces; mixing them up with high street buys soon became my fashion ethos. I'd pick up interesting finds from vintage shops in nearby Liverpool, mixing them up with high street finds I'd grabbed the weekend before.

Since then I've based my entire wardrobe around this method, filled with vintage classics, high street buys, and a touch of designer favourites; choosing to entirely mix and match my outfits each day. Their constant evolution of style throughout the years was inspiration, as well as being the intial spark that got me interested in the similarities between music and fashion; and of course they also turned me on to the fact that at one time, Topshop did make a stunning range of cosmetics. Not bad for a bunch of fashionably experimenting blokes from Chester!

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Saturday, 23 January 2010

T.M.Lewin; womenswear with a tradtional twist

T.M.Lewin are traditionally know for their wide range of classic men shirts, and ties but you may not have realised that they also run a range of womenswear.

Walking past their Liverpool branch recently I spotted the most darling mandarin style shirts amongst their womenswear collections. Looking further amongst their ranges in store I found quite a vast collection of womenswear; both workwear and smart casual.

I adore the ruffled shirts; paticulary this pussy bow'd number; and the classic double cuff shirts including some fetching red & white striped shirts that wouldn't go amiss teamed up with an Anglomania skirt.

Not to forget a fabulous selection of accessories and womens cufflinks with wonderfully quirky bows, cherries, & corsets adoring droplet cufflinks; & a stunning selection of leather gloves.

With them running a marvellous 4 shirts for £90 offer it's more than tempting to stock up on a few! And if you use the code AFLSLE you can get £10 discount on orders over £100 more than an excuse to stock up!

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Thursday, 21 January 2010

Retro lingerie with a modern twist

Browsing through new season collections I spotted a lingerie company that stuck out. Rigby and Peller's spring/summer 2010 collection of retro lingerie with a light modern feel stood out with images that have a 60's feel to them with an air of the summer of love.

Already creating a range of luxury lingerie with nods to classic vintage designs with bullet bras and frilly knickers in sumptuous satins, their spring/summer collection features detailing in satin and opaque fabrics for a truly sensual finish, amongst shades of nudes, soft shell pinks, blush, oyster grey and chalky whites.

The presence of high waisted briefs with frills and ruffles also marks a return to glamourous lingerie but with comfort at the helm. Something I'm rather pleased to see amongst a lingerie collection.

Keep an eye on their website for the new collections launch shortly.

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Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Oh the efforts of storage

I'm not normally one for new years resolutions; but one aim I've given myself for this year has been to re-organize and have a good clear out!

I'm making a start on that this week, having done an Ikea shop earlier this week I picked up a few storage solutions to start just a small part of my re-organize; my massive music collection.

Having a huge cupboard full of cds and tapes (despite not having a deck that can play them these days) I've decided to downside a few accidental double purchases, and a few too many singles that I've picked up over the past 15 years.

After seeing a few of the Kassett boxe's amongst my other halfs dvd collection I knew I had to grab a few to incorporate my cds. The latest Kassett range doesn't contain as many exciting colours as I'd hoped but I've gone a mod themed black & white array of boxes. The only downside now being that I have to assemble 10 packs worth of 20 flat pack boxes then store them away until the re-organize is finished!

But I will be teaming them up with a few of the neon pink aluminimum tables currently in Habitat to offset my collection nicely!

Hopefully I can re-organize nicely by the end of the year and of course grab some wonderful matching storage solutions along the way.

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Saturday, 16 January 2010

M & S do nail varnish with a pop!

New in this season M & S have expanded their make up collection with some stunning nail varnish shades.

I've only ever shopped briefly in their make up selection, spotting a vibrant pink gloss amongst last years selection but the latest offering to their make up collection pops with bright colours, seasonal pastel shades, & stunning dark tones.

With a varied selection of tones from neon pinks & oranges, to pastel greens & yellows, amongst vibrant purples and navy blues.

The new collection is in stores now, I'll be surely stocking up a few shades at only £2.50 a pop.

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Wednesday, 13 January 2010

New season favourites - a wishlist of sorts

It's only early into January but new pieces are already emerging from this seasons new lines. Here's a few of my favourite picks so far.

Paul smith 'Black'; I adore this polka dot shirt with such a cute cut and pattern it's perfect for both quirky work attire and day to day wear. Would also look darling with the high waisted skirts in the collection!

I'm also adoring the wonderfully kitsch cardigan printed top in the 'Paul' range, and the quirky shoe print socks.

I'm adoring the vintage styled pieces coming into style this season. Going back to my fashion icon post on Candida Doyle this Marc Jacobs cardigan is just the sort of cardigan that fits in perfectly with her wardrobe.
The stripes and intarsia spots make such a cute contrast to the gold buttons.

Theres a distinct turn to nautical influences in this seasons collections; not to dissimilar to the same style 2 years back. I'll be digging out my anchor pendants, and stripey tees!

I'll be teaming them up with new pieces like this military dress at Urban outfitters that has such a strong nautical look about it whilst also making a perfect day frock. Teamed up with a few of the heart & anchor pendants at Topshop, and a stripey bow for a darling look.

Whilst theres also a turn to nautical style theres also a lot of vintage, and classic style emerging with nods to outfits with influences of 40's style amongst vintage prints with a modern cut.

Theres plenty of polka dots, frilly playsuits, tunics, and vintage babydoll frocks amongst new high street collections. But it's early days yet with still more new pieces to emerge in this seasons collections I'll be keeping my eye out for more.

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Saturday, 9 January 2010

Oh snap!!

I do wish this cold snap would hurry up and pass over. The downside of all the wonderfully crisp snow is the delays to my post and bundles of magazines at local shops.

January has always been a slow month for catching back up with everything though, with the rush to run out and grab sales purchases, the return to normality always seems so slow.

Whilst I'm waiting to grab my monthly copies of Vogue, & Nylon; and for the new season stock to slowly surface in stores I'm having web sneak preview at some of the latest pieces set to arrive!

Image: Nickolas Muray

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Thursday, 7 January 2010

Quirky attire at a snippet

In my continuing search for more companies and sites with darling quirky attire I stumbled upon Uttam direct.

You might recognize a few of their quirky dresses from New look, & Dorothy perkins; but this store has a wider range of dresses, tops, coats, & accessories that are incredibly darling, quirky, and a refreshing change.

I adore the selection of fur trimmed coats, polka dotted frocks, pussy bow blouses, and their kitsch take on the pencil skirt.

Their winter sale is online now with many bargains to be found, and whats more is you can get an extra 10% off your order when you use the code: Januaryblues.

visit Uttam direct online

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Tuesday, 5 January 2010

The new years sales shopping

What with the weather being as horrendous as it is the past few weeks I've taken to doing all of my sales shopping online this year. The only downside being the wait for the items to arrive!

Here's my pick of the best sales pieces I've found.

Wonderbra by Dita von Teese collection.

I wanted to snap up the entire collection when it was unveiled, such classic designs and cuts compared to alot of lingerie out there. Having spotted it on sale at several sites (Asos, Debenhams, & Very) I've ordered a few staple pieces from the collection.

Ilamasqua; Asos have added a few items from Illamasqua's collection to their sale with dark red shades of lipstick and gloss reduced I had to snap up a couple!
Theres also a great selection of foundation powders, blushers, and eyeshadows reduced on the site.

Fragrance sales are always tricky to pinpoint, the best of the bunch fly out quickly but I spotted a few select choices over at the Fragrance direct sale. Including L.A.M.B, Karl Largefeld 'photo', & Vivienne Westwood 'Let it rock' reduced; amongst some great last season YSL cosmetics.

And the one sale that's crippled my cupboards has been the Lush instore sale. Spend over £20 to get a free goodie bag of christmas products, or a christmas gift box of your choice. I got so much in my goodie bag that my stash is overflowing with more shower gel and bath bombs.

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Saturday, 2 January 2010

New year spring clean!

It's a new year so what better time to have a good spring clean and dust the cobwebs off!

Bathing favourites Lush have announced their 'Top to toes' kit on sale from the 18th - 31st January to help you have a personal spring clean.

Feeling run down with a winter cold I'm looking forward to grabbing this as a treat for myself. The kit includes sample sizes of products to clean you from head to toes, including one of their toner tabs (which I've been meaning to try since they launched), a sample sized tub of moisturiser of your choice, a mini sugar scrub (a new favourite of mine from their ranges), & a full sized fresh face mask of your choice amongst other bits!

It really is a bargain at £12.50 for samples to test their skin care ranges and as a bonus you can get £1 off a full sized version of a sample product if you take the tin back from recycling.

The 'Top to toes' kit is available in Lush stores from the 18th.

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