Thursday, 28 January 2010

Does perfume reflect your personality?

My perfume collection consists of heavy rose, light floral, & sweet candy scents with only a similar floral note detecting each fragrances similarities. So what does this say about my personality?

David Pybus of Dragon’s Den Company Scents of Time, has researched over 150 executive women to try and establish a link between scent and personality. It focused on whether there is a direct link between personality types and what perfumes they wear.

You can't help but wonder if perfume choices are distinctly pointed to your personality type. Does choosing floral, and sweet scents put me out as more of a distinct personality?, or is it merely a visual choice as well as familiar notes that help me pick out fragrance choices?

According to the results of David Pybus's research introverted personalities like myself would go for more "quiet, discrete perfumes, such as soft florals"; & whilst being classed as a “Thinker” I would go for "classics such as Chanel 5 and Beautiful."

Although I think my tendency to pick many brands, and scents in my fragrance selection puts me more into his last category; “feeling/sensing” types (who) have a wide spread of name choice, with no one brand in particular favour.

Still judging by that my choices are wide and varied but with similar brand loyalties to my clothing choices. With a collection abundant with Paul Smith, & Jean paul Gaultier in particular; varying to odd perfumes from Harajuku Lovers, to La Croix.

I'd say that my perfume choices are much more reflective of my personal tastes than personality, but to a more distinct nose as I waft past I could be telling them I'm an introverted arty type.

Your perfume choices may reflect your personality right down to your quirky little socks, but for others it may merely reflect their personal tastes and favourite memories depicted in a particular scent. And it's that variety that I adore more.

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