Sunday, 24 January 2010

My fashion icons; part 3


Mansun were technically speaking my local heroes; both style wise and musically. I first discovered them when they just released “Attack of the grey lantern”, initially lured in by the fanciful rose artwork which reminded me of the stunning rose shot on MSP's “Gold against the soul”, that comparison alone had me pick it up.

Following my first listen to the album I soon twigged that they weren't just a musically talented bunch but an astoundingly dressed group at that. The punkish stylings with a touch of glam reminded me of David Bowie's wardrobe being tossed at a young John Lydon, the notes of tartan prints, frilly blouses, safety pins, and mascara teamed up with trainers was an eye opening combination. I instantly went out treking around Mothercare for several boxes of safety pins to don my favourite velour jacket the following weekend.

Their choices of mixing vintage classics with new and high street pieces was something that hadn't occurred to me previously, they'd turned me onto an entirely new method of dressing. Picking vintage, and second hand pieces; mixing them up with high street buys soon became my fashion ethos. I'd pick up interesting finds from vintage shops in nearby Liverpool, mixing them up with high street finds I'd grabbed the weekend before.

Since then I've based my entire wardrobe around this method, filled with vintage classics, high street buys, and a touch of designer favourites; choosing to entirely mix and match my outfits each day. Their constant evolution of style throughout the years was inspiration, as well as being the intial spark that got me interested in the similarities between music and fashion; and of course they also turned me on to the fact that at one time, Topshop did make a stunning range of cosmetics. Not bad for a bunch of fashionably experimenting blokes from Chester!

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