Monday, 15 February 2010

Consumer aware-ity

Lately it's seemed as if theres been a plague of copycat designs about on the high street. From this recent article on The guardian website it would seem as if creativity is dry with the high street retailers this year.

Independent designers are clearly being ripped off left, right, and center by high street retailers, and wholesalers to the trade. It's certainly something that I've noticed for a long while, spotting slight re-designs in H & M from indie labels; amongst similar 'diy' styled necklaces in Claires with each new season.

It's as if creativity has lost all meaning and the quick and easy way to create new, cutting edge designs is to simply take them from somebody else.

But in this modern age of social networking it's certainly brought awareness of stolen designs to the public attention far quicker than traditional word of mouth. With Twitter helping to bring a few recent cases to attention seeing how swiftly the rip off of Lady luck rules ok's Russian doll design was removed from it's certainly fantastic to see how word of mouth online and public support for the independent designer can rectify rip off cases.

Personally you can't get more unique than a personally designed, and hand crafted item. It shows a unique sense of your own personality, whilst also stepping away from the current trends with truly cutting edge style.

I for one would much rather support independent designers who truly put the hard work and style into the industry than copycat high street retailers.

If you'd also like to lend your voice to supporting unique and original designers, you might enjoy You thought we wouldn't notice; a site where the designers themselves are naming and shaming the copycats themselves.

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