Saturday, 27 February 2010

My name is Jacqui, and I am a perfume addict..

The other day whilst rummaging through my shelves to pick out a perfume I spotted a lone gift set of Paul Smith “Floral” that I'd completely forgotten I had At that point when I hovered back from the designated perfume shelf in my bedroom I realised just how much I actually own.

“My name is Jacqui, and I am a perfume addict...”

Ever since my teenage introduction to perfumes, one of my friends showed me the adorable collection of Jean Paul Gaultier miniatures they'd recently purchased and I was head over heels with the infamous corseted packaging.

Soon after I started testing out perfumes at my local department store, with a taste for the more unisex styled fragrances of the 90's at the time; Ck one and Clinique's Happy being my personal favourites at the tender age of 14.

But this brief introduction to the world of scent sparked something more; whether it was the darling packaging of the perfume itself, brand loyalty, or an appreciation for scent. I had started to become for want of a better term, a perfume whore.

Soon after as I descended upon university, armed with more disposable income through the university grant I started to build upon my collection of personal scents. From the very bottle of Classique that alluded me, to more personalized oil fragrances from U.S company Black phoenix alchemy lab (in my teenage goth days, this was the height of ultra cool buying from a far flung goth heavy perfumery). With scents of sultry aromatics, and rich heavy fruity notes in abundance. This collection of imps, or samples as you will; from bpal started an obsession, collecting perfumes be it full sized bottles of cute little sample sizes.

Admittedly the habit of collecting samples started out of a student necessity; the tight budget as the months went by meant having to scrounge as many samples as possible, be it travel sized bottles of shower gels to swipes and mini bottles of perfumes from counters. I grabbed as many freebies as I could.

My range of scents was as far and wide as it could be, from celebrity perfumes (oh the shame!), to classic designer fragrances.

Once I'd graduated and gone past the need for constant scrounging I started to move on to the heavy weights; full sized bottles. In my years of testing fragrances I had at least started to settle for personal favourites. With a sense for what moved me, and what had me gagging away from the test strip with a headache.
I had developed a taste for the light floral fragrances; notes of rose, lilac, and orange blossoms; to sultry fragrances, and sweeter notes of sherbet and candy floss.

My personal favourites ranged from the independent; Black phoenix alchemy lab's Alice in wonderland inspired “The red queen” for it's subtle caramel notes, to the sweet B never's “Love”, and the opulent and heavy Paul smith's “London”.

These days my collection still resembles an apothecary's cabinet of sorts. Bottles small and large, filled with bright yellows, oranges, pinks, and subtle clear liquids. With my shelf abundant in collections from an almost complete collection of both Paul Smith, and Jean Paul Gaultier's entire fragrance ranges, including discontinued scents; to the odd fragrance from different designers, Harajuku lovers “love”, to DKNY's “Delicious night”, and limited edition fragrances of favourite products by Lush.

My collection does resemble that of a heavy addiction; some women have shoes and handbags, I have fragrances. Whereas my collection does allow me to try a different scent each day, I can pick to suit my mood each day, or simply match the feel of my outfit.

It is a perfume addiction but one I'm happy to have. Now my only problem lies in finding more room for new scents; already pinning down the new edition of Paul Smith's “Rose” and the darling new Candy apple range of DKNY's delicious (if only for the adorable packaging!) as my next purchases in mind. I may be a perfume whore but I'm quite comfortable with that.

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  1. beautifully said, my friend. My romance is off and on with perfume, but as spring appoaches....the affair is rekindled. Thoughts of 'faerie' and 'rock and rose' fill me up. I can't wait to read more!

  2. The very last bottle itself is a little piece of art worth collecting :) This is great you have such a collection. I always have a single scent until it is empty, it is so difficult to buy scents for me, I can never decide :)


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