Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Not exactly a spring clean

Continuing my non traditional new years resolution I've been attempting a wardrobe sort out this past week. It's amazing what you'll find tucked in the corner on a lone hanger, or poking out of the side of a drawer that you'd even forgotten buying.

In the midst of my sort out I've found excess skirts; the result of Primark doing a rather fabulous bargainous pencil skirt last summer, more tights than I could possibly fit into one drawer; including every possible colour combination with my wardrobe and then some, and far more cardigans than I could possibly wear. I really have been stockpiling in the past year on everything that fits! A result of my wardrobe hunt for petite small sized clothing over the past 18 months.

With all this worry over throw away fashion though I have at least been finding necessary pieces in my wardrobe. A Primark skirt does not have to be thrown away if it's still in as new condition! And of course it's all a case of taking good care of your garments even with so called throw away fashion, and if it's not in so great a condition it's all the more a sewing/re-sewing project. I've already put aside several items to re-sew as tote bags!

But it's certainly made me re-think this seasons purchases, I'll be buying less pieces this season but more long lasting pieces that match my current selection as great separates and we can't complain at saving a little along the way for a high end purchase!

-Image: Nikolas Muray c/o The commons-

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