Saturday, 20 February 2010

Sonia Rykiel pour H & M

The latest collection by Sonia Rykiel for H & M has just hit the shops. The range, which is priced from £2.99 to £49.99, carries all the Sonia Rykiel hallmarks. With lots of quirky, colourful pieces in the collection; I've already fallen for several pieces without even seeing them up close!

With stripes a plenty, colour notes of canary yellows, baby and neon pinks a plenty in the collection. Amongst ruffled textured notes, and diamante embellishments.

I adore the canary yellow striped bow shirt, diamante beret, and this darling yellow & pink striped cardigan (it just ooozes my long standing idol Candida Doyle's twee chic).

The collection has just launched to a frenzy at Oxford circus, and I'll be sure to raid H & M in the week to pick up and road test a few pieces in the changing rooms; I've already mentally bought the darling yellow & pink cardigan without even seeing it.

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