Thursday, 18 February 2010

Thursday favourites

This week it seems like every things been coming out in flurries with new season treats and new stock in abundance. I may be taking Ms Westwood's advice on board this season, purchasing as little as possible in terms of clothes but that hasn't stopped me eyeing up a few treats elsewhere.

The new Summer edition of Paul Smith 'Rose' has been tempting me. Theres a delicate note of Parma violets to it that's just wonderfully addictive!

The new lingerie ranges at Urban outfitters are just darling. With touches of lace and florals on cream, and peach shades.

Dita Von Teese's eye mask for Moschino is just adorable; the perfect mix of glamour with a touch of kitsch design.

I almost crumpled in joy at the new Miss Selfridge range of jewellery; with touches of Parisian and vintage inspiration in abundance I've fallen for the adorable bow earrings and multirow necklaces.

As well as the new range of jewelery fresh in at Dolly dagger with more Parisian inspired earrings and necklaces. Not to forget the adorably kitsch lipstick pens in red & pink.

And to top off the week I'm now officially guest blogging at Alt fashion; an alternative fashion & style site and magazine.
I'll be lending a hand with posts on quirky, vintage, and indie finds. My first post is up now here on the blog.

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