Friday, 26 March 2010

Friday favourites

This week I've been on more of a quirky work wear kick, trying to find items that are both wearable for work and thereafter, with a bit of a quirky but elegant look. Needless to say I got distracted and bookmarked yet more misc finds to purchase, alongside a few work pieces.

The Melissa wedges at Urban outfitters easily distracted me from my work sensible hunt. Whilst the shape is sensible the purple colour aren't technically what I can get away with (in a standard office environment), shame but they do also stock them in a more sensible black.

Still on shoes I was excited to see the Paul Smith range's have landed at Asos. These heart print ballet pumps are adorable!

I also adore the new season designer pieces cropping up at Asos, this Penny farthing t-shirt by Karen Walker is a wonderful contrasting print, and best of all in my size.

The new Selfridges on line store launched this week too, I only get to visit Selfridges whenever I'm in Manchester, or Birmingham so to be able to browse the latest arrivals on line is great for me; possibly not so great for my bank account though..
I've already bookmarked several favourites to purchase, including this cute bunny t-shirt by Wildfox.

And on the mainline Paul Smith site I managed to find one work sensible shirt that I certainly won't frown at having to wear. This adorable polka dot fitted shirt, I love the odd orange button stitching!

I also stumbled upon The gentlewoman this week, the new women's magazine title running along Fantastic man. It looks closest to the sort of women's fashion magazine I've been hunting for, for years! So I'll be certainly grabbing a copy when I get the chance.

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Monday, 22 March 2010

Seriously, how low?

After a brief shop around Manchester today I couldn't help but notice how low cut everything is this season; as a smaller busted lady low cut tops just don't do it for me, I'm not one to want to show the world my lingerie poking out of my top.

It seems as if t-shirts, and tunics have a lower neck cut than I've noticed before; shirts seem to be skipping out a few button holes to fall at a lower cut, and every cardigan seems to start buttoning up much lower down.

Maybe it's just my personal preference to wear shirts buttoned just a bit from the neck, or to have high cut t-shirts that just fall a bit below my collarbone. But shopping for a couple of new season essentials has been pretty much harder than normal; in need of a few more work sensible tops and shirts I seemed to just about grab one quirky bow'd t-shirt in a boutique.

Maybe it's just the style thats in this season, I usually do tend to veer more towards cosmetics, and jewellery styles by the season than with clothing. But with my already petite sized clothing frustration it just makes finding items that fit that I'm comfortable wearing that much harder.

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Friday, 19 March 2010

Friday favourites; a return!

It's been a rather hectic fortnight for me, but I've still found time to hunt out a few favourites and add more treats to my ever growing wishlist of items!

I've already grown quite fond of Elf for their affordable cosmetics; the latest in their studio line includes the Lip lock pencil, a pencil that aims to keep your lip colour locked in place and reduce feathering, fantastic!! and it's affordable at £3.50 so I've bagged one in my latest order to test out.

As part of my on going attempts to find small clothing that fits I'm always on the look out for xs size shirts. This darling polka dot blouse at Urban outffiters is thankfully in my size! and I just adore the lace trim collar.

Last month I spotted the most adorable pearly biscuit necklace on a passing girl & I've been frantically looking for it ever since; thankfully I just spotted the pearly jammy dodger necklace at Biscuit boutique. Combining both my love of faux pearly jewellery, and tasty biscuits!

I also stumbled across Glamour doll eyes whilst looking for glittery mineral make up this week. I love the Monster mash glitter pot, with it's silvery and green hues it's just what I've been lusting after for years.

And lastly this month's issue of Vogue perked me up with not just a small mention of a few of my favourite 90's stylistas (Shampoo, & Miki from Lush); but some inspiring photo spreads, colourful glitter with underwear as outerwear? marvellous!

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Tuesday, 16 March 2010

It's not all that easy being petite...

Remember my petite clothing post last year? well it would seem that my on going aggravation with clothing sizes continues.

It's not just me of course, I've noticed on a few other bloggers posts in the past couple of months the continued annoyance of ill fitting, and poorly designed clothing for us smaller ladies.

Surely with all the size zero debates on the catwalk you'd think that us naturally petite and small framed ladies would have a ball finding smaller sized clothing but it's continuing to irk me a plenty.

Sure if you have endless disposable income to hand you probably would have no problems at all finding the right fitting clothing; whether it's high end designers, couture, or custom made. But when it comes to a smaller monthly clothing budget you really do begin to feel as if the clothing world is against you.

Is it just the baffling size guides on many a site, the ill fitting cuts on the high street, or just that us smaller endowed ladies in the bust area can't seem to find a top that doesn't bag around the bust line?

The other day, despite my previous experiences in finding outfits that actually fit I stumbled into a local branch of New look; seeing as it was just across from the supermarket on an afternoon drive.
Taking an armful of darling nautical, and Parisian inspired tops into the changing rooms each and every top had some problem with the fit on me. Whether it was the impossibly tight sleeves that just wouldn't make it past my wrists (I have 15cm wrists by the way, something which friends always comment on how dainty my wrists are!), the neckline was so baggy you could see half of my bra, or the sleeves were so long that I felt I could turn them up a few times.
Disappointed I handed every item back to the changing room attendant before I dragged myself back to the car.

This is unfortunately still all too similar for me, despite my epic changing room raids a few months back to whittle down the best high street shops for separates I've still been finding my size excluded from a lot of shops. Size 6 may be everywhere in the media, but on the rails at H & M I have to rummage through every single coathanger to rarely find my size available; and in most cases when I find my size the cut can be so ill fitting that it's the most unflattering top.

Of course when it comes to high end designers I know I can easily fit into a dainty size small Paul Smith, or Vivienne Westwood t-shirt; but on a tight monthly budget it can mean a couple of months of saving to get items that actually fit in all the right ways. So when it comes to every day wear I turn to the high street, and independent designers. But even in those aspects I've found myself disappointed at the size guides, or availability of my size.

The other day after spotting a stunning, and perfect range of 40's inspired frocks by an indie designer I ran to the site in a flurry but upon checking the available sizes and size chart my bust line just isn't catered for. Every site seems to stop at 32", what about us 30" ladies?

I'm almost tempted to go on a custom made, indie tailor hunt now. With my size 6-8 figure, 5ft height, and 30" bust it's even more frustrating finding dresse's that fit, over the strife of finding separates.

But in the meantime I continue to raid changing rooms, flick through the rails, and fine check each size guide with a tooth comb whilst measuring every little aspect of my size to check if items will actually fit my petite shape. Being naturally petite and tiny may be the envy of many another women, but it certainly isn't as easy as it looks to actually adorn ourselves in well fitting clothing I can tell you.

-Images: Dreamstime-

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Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Vintage Goodwood

Now here's something I can dig my heels into; Vintage at Goodwood launches this year, the first festival to celebrate 5 decades of British fashion, music, and design from the 40's - 80's.

Already much talked about in the fashion press, Vintage at Goodwood certainly looks set to be the event of the summer for fashionistas after something a bit different to the traditional festival. Swap your mud and wellies, for glamorous heels and circle frocks.

With an array of fashion shows, pop up shops, decade themed club nights, & even a roller disco! It certainly looks set to be a good mixture of the kitsch, and classic.

The festival launches this August over the 13th-15th at Goodwood estate in the South Downs. With tickets and further details over on the site, I'll certainly be keeping on eye on this over the next couple of months!

-Image: c/o The commons, Flickr-

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Friday, 5 March 2010

Friday favourites; a little belated!

Busy week, I've been all over the place working like a busy bee so I've only had a chance to sit back and nose through everything that's gone on this week!
Here's a few of my favourite finds this week:

Lush's new foundation; after B never closed I was so distraught, their vegan friendly cosmetics were amazing so how pleased was I to pop in to my local Lush and find that they now sell foundation! I've grabbed a pot of the Light pink already, just testing it, it feels amazing!

More cosmetics; as part of my blogging work for Alt fashion's news blog I tend to hunt out a few designers, and companies far afield to keep an eye on. I stumbled upon another astounding cosmetics brand. Miss X is an Australian label with a stunning range of bright, vibrant, cosmetics. I adore that most of the eye shadows are named after 90's alternative tracks. It's more than tempting to order a pack of the pinks with the pearly “doll parts” eyeshadow.

New collection at What Katie Did; I already adore their vintage styled lingerie (if only their bullet bras came in A cups!), but I am loving the new sailorette inspired swimwear, how darling is the all in one swimsuit! (I even blogged for Alt fashion about this earlier this week!).

Nylon; the issues not even out yet in the UK but my copy of the March issue arrived this week. So chuffed my subscription's starting coming in and early to boot. This is just an amazing bonus.

& to top off the week my recent 'Perfume' post was listed over at Independent fashion blogger's Links a la mode this week.

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Links à la Mode - 4th March

links a la mode

Fashion Flashback

Edited by Debutante
As fashion weeks starting winding down, some are looking forward to the next trend in fashion. This week, I was thrilled to see so many bloggers focusing on the past -the history of fashion. An obvious passion of mine, vintage fashion has never been so influential. fête à fête reviews a gorgeous collection of vintage inspired jewelry. Fabulous Finds narrates a 1950s styled romp through Palm Springs. Oranges and Apples shares inspiring vintage Life magazine images. In politics, if you don’t learn from history, you’re destined to repeat it. In fashion, if you don’t learn from history, you won’t know you are repeating it!

Links à la Mode : March 4th

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Topshop cosmetics range

Back in the 90's I used to visit the little make up counters and concessions in Topshop frequently. With a marvellous range of lipsticks and nail varnishe's in paticular under their own label I was sad to see it go at the turn of the century, even sadder when I had to finally bin those metallic nail varnishe's.

But the good news has recently unearthed that Topshop are bringing back their own make up label this year. The collection is all under lock & key at the moment but I'm excited to see whats in store this summer.

The range will be available on line, and in stores across the UK & the New York store. I'm waiting with baited breath to see if it's as stunning as the past ranges were!

-Image: StockxChng-

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