Friday, 19 March 2010

Friday favourites; a return!

It's been a rather hectic fortnight for me, but I've still found time to hunt out a few favourites and add more treats to my ever growing wishlist of items!

I've already grown quite fond of Elf for their affordable cosmetics; the latest in their studio line includes the Lip lock pencil, a pencil that aims to keep your lip colour locked in place and reduce feathering, fantastic!! and it's affordable at £3.50 so I've bagged one in my latest order to test out.

As part of my on going attempts to find small clothing that fits I'm always on the look out for xs size shirts. This darling polka dot blouse at Urban outffiters is thankfully in my size! and I just adore the lace trim collar.

Last month I spotted the most adorable pearly biscuit necklace on a passing girl & I've been frantically looking for it ever since; thankfully I just spotted the pearly jammy dodger necklace at Biscuit boutique. Combining both my love of faux pearly jewellery, and tasty biscuits!

I also stumbled across Glamour doll eyes whilst looking for glittery mineral make up this week. I love the Monster mash glitter pot, with it's silvery and green hues it's just what I've been lusting after for years.

And lastly this month's issue of Vogue perked me up with not just a small mention of a few of my favourite 90's stylistas (Shampoo, & Miki from Lush); but some inspiring photo spreads, colourful glitter with underwear as outerwear? marvellous!

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