Friday, 26 March 2010

Friday favourites

This week I've been on more of a quirky work wear kick, trying to find items that are both wearable for work and thereafter, with a bit of a quirky but elegant look. Needless to say I got distracted and bookmarked yet more misc finds to purchase, alongside a few work pieces.

The Melissa wedges at Urban outfitters easily distracted me from my work sensible hunt. Whilst the shape is sensible the purple colour aren't technically what I can get away with (in a standard office environment), shame but they do also stock them in a more sensible black.

Still on shoes I was excited to see the Paul Smith range's have landed at Asos. These heart print ballet pumps are adorable!

I also adore the new season designer pieces cropping up at Asos, this Penny farthing t-shirt by Karen Walker is a wonderful contrasting print, and best of all in my size.

The new Selfridges on line store launched this week too, I only get to visit Selfridges whenever I'm in Manchester, or Birmingham so to be able to browse the latest arrivals on line is great for me; possibly not so great for my bank account though..
I've already bookmarked several favourites to purchase, including this cute bunny t-shirt by Wildfox.

And on the mainline Paul Smith site I managed to find one work sensible shirt that I certainly won't frown at having to wear. This adorable polka dot fitted shirt, I love the odd orange button stitching!

I also stumbled upon The gentlewoman this week, the new women's magazine title running along Fantastic man. It looks closest to the sort of women's fashion magazine I've been hunting for, for years! So I'll be certainly grabbing a copy when I get the chance.

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