Tuesday, 16 March 2010

It's not all that easy being petite...

Remember my petite clothing post last year? well it would seem that my on going aggravation with clothing sizes continues.

It's not just me of course, I've noticed on a few other bloggers posts in the past couple of months the continued annoyance of ill fitting, and poorly designed clothing for us smaller ladies.

Surely with all the size zero debates on the catwalk you'd think that us naturally petite and small framed ladies would have a ball finding smaller sized clothing but it's continuing to irk me a plenty.

Sure if you have endless disposable income to hand you probably would have no problems at all finding the right fitting clothing; whether it's high end designers, couture, or custom made. But when it comes to a smaller monthly clothing budget you really do begin to feel as if the clothing world is against you.

Is it just the baffling size guides on many a site, the ill fitting cuts on the high street, or just that us smaller endowed ladies in the bust area can't seem to find a top that doesn't bag around the bust line?

The other day, despite my previous experiences in finding outfits that actually fit I stumbled into a local branch of New look; seeing as it was just across from the supermarket on an afternoon drive.
Taking an armful of darling nautical, and Parisian inspired tops into the changing rooms each and every top had some problem with the fit on me. Whether it was the impossibly tight sleeves that just wouldn't make it past my wrists (I have 15cm wrists by the way, something which friends always comment on how dainty my wrists are!), the neckline was so baggy you could see half of my bra, or the sleeves were so long that I felt I could turn them up a few times.
Disappointed I handed every item back to the changing room attendant before I dragged myself back to the car.

This is unfortunately still all too similar for me, despite my epic changing room raids a few months back to whittle down the best high street shops for separates I've still been finding my size excluded from a lot of shops. Size 6 may be everywhere in the media, but on the rails at H & M I have to rummage through every single coathanger to rarely find my size available; and in most cases when I find my size the cut can be so ill fitting that it's the most unflattering top.

Of course when it comes to high end designers I know I can easily fit into a dainty size small Paul Smith, or Vivienne Westwood t-shirt; but on a tight monthly budget it can mean a couple of months of saving to get items that actually fit in all the right ways. So when it comes to every day wear I turn to the high street, and independent designers. But even in those aspects I've found myself disappointed at the size guides, or availability of my size.

The other day after spotting a stunning, and perfect range of 40's inspired frocks by an indie designer I ran to the site in a flurry but upon checking the available sizes and size chart my bust line just isn't catered for. Every site seems to stop at 32", what about us 30" ladies?

I'm almost tempted to go on a custom made, indie tailor hunt now. With my size 6-8 figure, 5ft height, and 30" bust it's even more frustrating finding dresse's that fit, over the strife of finding separates.

But in the meantime I continue to raid changing rooms, flick through the rails, and fine check each size guide with a tooth comb whilst measuring every little aspect of my size to check if items will actually fit my petite shape. Being naturally petite and tiny may be the envy of many another women, but it certainly isn't as easy as it looks to actually adorn ourselves in well fitting clothing I can tell you.

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  1. I agree, have many times found a piece i love to try it on and find its ill fitting. And even more annoying is stores hardly sale stock clothes in smaller sizes

  2. I agree - even though I am on the petite/non-petite cusp at 5-4, I am always having to get pants altered. I have had success though with Joe's Jeans, as they make petite styles too.

    Hey, D is here too! She just commented on my blog!

  3. I feel your pain! I'm 4'11" and slim...so guess what? I'm about 1-2 sizes smaller than the smallest size available! Sheesh!

    Finding a good tailor will change your life! It's not the cheapest option, but way cheaper than buying custom made clothing.

    Also, check out these two blogs about petite style and shopping:


    The first one is mine, and the second one is another awesome blogger who is also 4'11" that I read all the time.

  4. I know how that is, it's always a challenge to find clothes that fit right, much less in the right size. I'm 5'1" and though it can be difficult to find clothes, it is possible.


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