Monday, 22 March 2010

Seriously, how low?

After a brief shop around Manchester today I couldn't help but notice how low cut everything is this season; as a smaller busted lady low cut tops just don't do it for me, I'm not one to want to show the world my lingerie poking out of my top.

It seems as if t-shirts, and tunics have a lower neck cut than I've noticed before; shirts seem to be skipping out a few button holes to fall at a lower cut, and every cardigan seems to start buttoning up much lower down.

Maybe it's just my personal preference to wear shirts buttoned just a bit from the neck, or to have high cut t-shirts that just fall a bit below my collarbone. But shopping for a couple of new season essentials has been pretty much harder than normal; in need of a few more work sensible tops and shirts I seemed to just about grab one quirky bow'd t-shirt in a boutique.

Maybe it's just the style thats in this season, I usually do tend to veer more towards cosmetics, and jewellery styles by the season than with clothing. But with my already petite sized clothing frustration it just makes finding items that fit that I'm comfortable wearing that much harder.

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