Friday, 23 April 2010

Dear high street...

I think I've finally fallen out of love with you...

If it's not your unflattering cuts, horrendous choices of trims or colouring on clothing, or just simply ignoring actual size guides altogether; it's all gotten too much for me.

I'm sick of having to settle for pieces when I'm in need of a quick work suitable piece when one of my other high street pieces has worn away, or gotten to the point of no repair.

Of course with my particular style tastes I tend not to buy too many choice high street pieces regularly, but living between cities it makes it's that much easier to pop to the nearer of the two for the occasional purchase and shop.

Having to raid the changing room armed with 2 of each item (in different sizes), to walk out without a single thing that fits properly, or flatters my figure. Clothing shouldn't make you feel like you need to loose more weight to fit into the almost right dress, or roll up the jean leg hem a good 3 inches so they don't drag under your heels.

And if it's not that then the choices available aren't paticularly appealing; give or take the odd nautical or parisian inspired tunic top I've not exactly been running to the rail to grab that choice piece lately.

Whereas I've never had an issues with sizing, fit, style, or comfort when it comes to designers pieces, or independent retailers.

I think the past week of traipsing around stores in my lunch hour to find new items that fit has been somewhat of a final straw for me. Whilst I admittedly still won't stray too from M & S for their lingerie, I think in the months to come I'll be saving up for designer pieces every few months instead. It may mean I won't have any new ensembles for work for a while; but I'd much rather save for that flattering frock, than a tight cuffed shirt and loose at the waist skirt combo.

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