Friday, 2 April 2010

Friday favourites

Nautical nancy
The easter weekend is looming upon me & I've just about sat down for a weekend rest. Whilst I prep for a weekend of munching on chocolates and relaxing here's a few of my favourite finds I've been bookmarking this week.

I've been long continuing a trend this season, nautical style; something that excited me when it came back earlier this season. This stripey tunic at New look had me giddy straight away, now to just find it in my size.

On another nautical note, this Nautical nancy top is just darling; I'm a sucker for knitwear and when it's topped off with a quirky bow I have to stop myself reaching for the credit card!

After my distracted fail attempting to find work suited attire last week I finally found well, one item.. This high waisted pencil skirt is just the right amount of retro and work attire all rolled into one.

Remember my continued irks at standard sizes on the high street?; well I couldn't have put it better myself. This blog post on dress sizes over at Retro chick highlights standard dress sizing wonderfully. And there is a wonderfully handy correct size guide up on the post too!

On to a sweet note; I've long been a fan of Cyber candy, every time I'm near the covent garden branch I swing back for a mass purchase of silly proportions. Having spotted that they are now stocking a Giant Pocky stick I may have to make a bit of a big order, I have been craving more apple pocky too!

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