Friday, 30 April 2010

Friday favourites

That rare glimpse of free time; looking forward to a good 3 day weekend to catch up on everything I've missed over the working week. But whilst I attempt to sit back and relax armed with the laptop here's a few treats I've found this week.

On the hunt for more good heels for work wear; it's always handy to have another co-ordinating pair knocking around! & I've fallen for these darling heels at Office; I am easily swayed by good mary jane style heels!

If only my local branch of Hawes & Curtis didn't close down last year; I've only just spotted their selection of short sleeved shirts. This stripey number is perfect & just what I've been poking around for as work wear.

I've already banged on about how cute the Lime Crime lipstick collection is so I was delighted to spot that they've arrived at my local Space NK. Centrifuschia is outstandingly bright up close, and I'm already planning to pop back and grab My beautiful rocket.

Then of course there's the latest issue of The chap which I managed to pick up last weekend; worth it alone for the new addition of The chapette section for a mention of my favourite tea room, Betty's in York.

Now I just need my monthly subscription of Nylon to drop through the post box and I'm all set!

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