Thursday, 8 April 2010

Put your blogging foot forward

A few years ago the very notion that a blogger could have the power to dictate fashion & style trends would have been laughed at; nowadays it's a growing flurry of interest both in the media and with readers.

Bloggers are turned to for fashion advice, cutting edge style, and tips from real women who wear the very clothing, cosmetics, & accessories that we've been eager to buy.

I've noticed a growing trend in the mainstream press turning to bloggers for their advice, style, and words particularly more so in the past year. Of course this has been largely noticeable with bloggers attending London fashion week as regularly as the staff of Vogue & Elle, to blogger profile features in magazines. But it also seems to have sparked a flurry of inspiration to younger bloggers to get involved & start their own fashion blog up.

It's certainly inspiring to see such fresh, inventive perspectives on fashion from younger bloggers. From the ability to inspire with Body image positive features, to cutting & pasting their own on line 'zine's, and street fashion photography.

But where do we go from here?, with bloggers already cutting through the red tape at fashion events and catwalks what's next for bloggers to cut the mark through? Will we see key bloggers taking on roles at printed publications, or taking to the red carpet for style tips and shots of inspiration.

It's certainly a fashion forward time, with technology and social networking helping us all to blog more frequently and actively than we would have several years ago. Whilst you can't beat a good sit with several magazines for seasonal inspiration, you can also get a wonderful spark of creativity from a bloggers; whether it's diy tips and tutorials, style advice, or simply photography inspiration.

-Image: The commons; Flickr-

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  1. ditto. i see successful bloggers being approached to write books, work at magazines, etc., but especially love the idea of being on the red carpet!



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