Wednesday, 23 June 2010

The perfect sunglasses

During this epic bought of actual summer weather (such a rarity over here!) I've been trying on sunglasses left, right, and centre over the past few weeks.

Normally as a glasses wearer I tend to forget to check about getting prescription lenses in designer glasses so I tend to leave them, but as of this summer I've decided to finally bag myself a good handy pair of prescription designer glasses.

Picking an actual shade to suit both my sartorial style, and my face has been rather fun; this season so many designers have actually been on my wavelength. Tom Ford's latest collection have been largely influenced by the 60's taking direct inspiration from his film A single man. I adore the cross over effect glasses, and large cream coloured frames.

Paul Smith's range has also had me grappling at the shelves; the tortoise shell styled designs, and retro inspired plastic frames are just stunning.

Then there's the stunning large bug eyed frames of Miu Miu; in a stunning purple shade with pink lenses.

I am finding myself more drawn to the stunning retro 60's inspired designs available, with such choice even further afield I am finding myself rather spoilt! Now to just whittle it down to a pair, or at least two...

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