Sunday, 25 July 2010

Sunday favourites

This month has literally flown by, it barely seems like the first week of the month. I've still made time to window shop; or web window shop as it were & also pick out a few favourite pieces.

I've been a beauty binge this month, the sun burning away at my skin must be reminding me to stock up on essentials. Naturally of course they have to be a bit different!

The new range of Doll Face cosmetics at Dolly dagger have been working their way into my wishlist. A u.s brand, doll face has a stunning range of classic inspired products with some stunningly named cleansers, masks, & scrubs. Now I just need to whittle my list down to 1 thing to try out!

A little cheer me up has also been finding that my local Boots now has a Models own counter; the 2 for £8 offer has also had me picking round the counter testing favourites from the web shop. The tinted lip balm, & pastel shade nail varnishe's are a summer favourite at the moment.

Not to forget the collection of Rose & co balms too; having had the rose petal salve on my list for some time (purely neglect on my part to remember to grab some!), I'd almost weighed myself down with treats.

Then there's the difficult pick of a perfect day to day spf moisturiser to suit the rest of the summer months. I think I've found a winner with the Clinique Super city block; an spf of 40 is surely enough to maintain a pale complexion throughout the rest of the summer!

And of course if you haven't had time to swing by the Illasmasqua web store lately, theres a marvellous 50% off section with some stunning to be discontinued items for grabs till the end of the month.

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