Friday, 30 July 2010

Tea parties & reading

What a busy month, there's no more pleasant way to finish off July then with a tea party toast & a vintage fair!

Popping back to the le 'ol haunt for this marvellous vintage market tomorrow. A combination of shopping, music, & to top it off nicely a tea party toast; how fabulous!

I'd actually been meaning to swing by one of Utility's monthly markets for ages now, so what better an excuse when it's a shindig of a day.

I've also just discovered in a fitting fashion, Vintage life magazine. A bi-monthly magazine deciated to all things vintage. The online preview shows just how wonderful a selection of features they have; it's not just vintage fashion, it's also beauty, lifestyle, home ware, & even baking!

The 2nd edition arrived in my letterbox today and I'm set up for a nice evening read with a cuppa & some scones.

Image: The commons; Flickr

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