Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Forever 21 lands

After a recent excursion to Birmingham I was quite surprised that this little news nugget had passed me by as I spotted a giant Forever 21 board in the bullring.

The U.S brand has often been compared to H & M for it's affordable fashion and style. I've long been envying the bargainous finds of U.S bloggers from Forever 21 and now it seems we're not long off having the UK's very first branch of Forever 21.

Looking at the U.S site I can just hope that we have similar lines with the launch over here. The knit dresses, slouch tops, and endless range of jewellery is enough to make you overload your basket.

The store is still in the process of development over here & according to industry insiders it won't open until early 2011 but plans for further branches across the UK already seem to be in discussion. Here's hoping it lives up to it's marvellous comparisons.

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  1. Oh wow! Forever 21's tenacity never seises to amaze me. Did you know Forever 21 is a family run company, started by Korean immigrants to the US? Their story is actually pretty interesting:

    Forever 21 Article from the LA Times, Los Angeles


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