Friday, 26 November 2010

Black Friday favourites

Spotting the term Black Friday on blogs yesterday in the lead up I'd hope it was a closet goth appreciation day, rather than the bargainous start of the Christmas shopping rush. Only I could possibly think that! So in a twist on my old Friday favorite feature I've picked a few of my closet goth favourites, all black & stunning!

Of course I can't start a goth-centric favourites list without a black lipstick, it's a shade that's been coming back in high fashion lately so who better to grab a black lipstick from then Lime Crime, Styletto is a stunning shade I may brave grabbing a tube this weekend whilst their Black Friday discount weekend is in full force, so it's much cheaper than a trip to Space NK this weekend!

There's a stunning range of gothic jewellery in Topshop's collection this season, and the rings are by far the stand out pieces. I adore this super large lace covered cocktail ring that's one of the really stand out items.

The abundance of velvet this season has also had my inner goth perking up. Velvet blazers being my favourite in particular, this tailored jacket at Asos is just stunning for a more vintage inspired look.

My favourite autumn purchase so far has been these suedette Victorian meets mod boots at Very, perfectly Victorian inspired for a touch of goth chic.

In my old goth days Stargazer's range was my staple choice, I still grab tid bits from their ranges today, in particular the stunning range of eye dusts which are a bargain at £3 for a tub which literally lasts for years! & in a glittery black shade you can't get more goth than that.

And to finish off the stunning range of corsets by Vollers have always been tempting, in elegant brocades, velvets, & taffeta fabrics so even if you don't fancy fully gothing up you can at least have an elegant waistline.

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Sunday, 14 November 2010

The vintage tour part 1

It's been a knackering week, I started my northern vintage fair tour a little later than anticipated. Kicking off last Saturday at the Handbags & gladrags fair in Liverpool in the stylish Kingdom bar, which was a quaint affair but still a good day out flitting around Liverpool which is more than worth a stint up Bold street for the selection of vintage boutiques, and the darling Petticoat lane arcade.

After that I spent yesterday in Manchester for the big vintage fair at The printworks. In one of my favourite areas of the city, not just for the amazing Escher-esque Irish pub in The printworks, but of course a great selection of department stores. It was a little less busy than I'd anticipated, and if only the tea party that was advertised had been there that would have been grand!

But it was also great timing for the Christmas fair in Manchester, always nice to swing by the mulled wine tent and I even managed to grab a rather tasty pimms flavoured cupcake from one of the food stands for the journey home.

So far I think I've spend more time at both fairs wandering around exploring the cities than browsing at the fairs due the quieter turn out of traders at both shows, but I'm not letting that put me off finishing the rest of my leg. There's still a selection of regular monthly fairs back in Liverpool next month and the marvellous pop up vintage fair at the Corn exchange in Leeds which I'll be visiting next weekend before it closes (always a good excuse to swing by the stunning arcades too). Besides a lady always needs a good excuse for a jaunt out dressed to the nines.

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Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Stop and put your feet up..

Such a busy month I've barely had time to stop. Autumn's such a funny time of the year it always creeps up far too fast. October was so busy I barely had time to even start my vintage fair tour, but I'll be shimmying on over to the Handbag's and gladrags fair on Saturday to make up for the late start!

But I have found some time to ogle a few items online, I spotted this beauty in September and was dying to see when it hit the stores. I'm aways after more faux fur jackets and this little number by Iron fist is rather cute; a grey leopard print faux fur jacket with a swing style cut.

Carrying on the grey theme this grey feathered cape by Asos is also rather darling, a spot of burlesque, and classic style. But whatever would I wear it to! I'll just have to pet it..

My last favourite find has to be this plethora of glittery pots at Fragrance direct by Nyx. I've never seen such a range of colours, and glitter is my one trashy weakness from my Kenickie inspired days. The turquoise and green shades are on my must buy list.

Now I'm off to put my feet up, abuse the last of my lush stash before a pre-christmas stockpile and road test some stunning new gel packs that have landed my way for my blogging work for alt fashion, what a better excuse to start my fair tour this weekend.

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