Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Stop and put your feet up..

Such a busy month I've barely had time to stop. Autumn's such a funny time of the year it always creeps up far too fast. October was so busy I barely had time to even start my vintage fair tour, but I'll be shimmying on over to the Handbag's and gladrags fair on Saturday to make up for the late start!

But I have found some time to ogle a few items online, I spotted this beauty in September and was dying to see when it hit the stores. I'm aways after more faux fur jackets and this little number by Iron fist is rather cute; a grey leopard print faux fur jacket with a swing style cut.

Carrying on the grey theme this grey feathered cape by Asos is also rather darling, a spot of burlesque, and classic style. But whatever would I wear it to! I'll just have to pet it..

My last favourite find has to be this plethora of glittery pots at Fragrance direct by Nyx. I've never seen such a range of colours, and glitter is my one trashy weakness from my Kenickie inspired days. The turquoise and green shades are on my must buy list.

Now I'm off to put my feet up, abuse the last of my lush stash before a pre-christmas stockpile and road test some stunning new gel packs that have landed my way for my blogging work for alt fashion, what a better excuse to start my fair tour this weekend.

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