Sunday, 14 November 2010

The vintage tour part 1

It's been a knackering week, I started my northern vintage fair tour a little later than anticipated. Kicking off last Saturday at the Handbags & gladrags fair in Liverpool in the stylish Kingdom bar, which was a quaint affair but still a good day out flitting around Liverpool which is more than worth a stint up Bold street for the selection of vintage boutiques, and the darling Petticoat lane arcade.

After that I spent yesterday in Manchester for the big vintage fair at The printworks. In one of my favourite areas of the city, not just for the amazing Escher-esque Irish pub in The printworks, but of course a great selection of department stores. It was a little less busy than I'd anticipated, and if only the tea party that was advertised had been there that would have been grand!

But it was also great timing for the Christmas fair in Manchester, always nice to swing by the mulled wine tent and I even managed to grab a rather tasty pimms flavoured cupcake from one of the food stands for the journey home.

So far I think I've spend more time at both fairs wandering around exploring the cities than browsing at the fairs due the quieter turn out of traders at both shows, but I'm not letting that put me off finishing the rest of my leg. There's still a selection of regular monthly fairs back in Liverpool next month and the marvellous pop up vintage fair at the Corn exchange in Leeds which I'll be visiting next weekend before it closes (always a good excuse to swing by the stunning arcades too). Besides a lady always needs a good excuse for a jaunt out dressed to the nines.

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