Friday, 11 February 2011

London fashion week approaches

It's that usual heady excitement for one of the capital's busiest events of the year. Even those of us who lean more towards self styling, & vintage attire can still get giddy with excitement over the forthcoming shows.

Whether it's the anticipation of spotting a new designer who wins your heart, the rush of the busy feet & heels clacking along the floor, or simply just the networking rush.

For me it's spotting inventive designers, not just old favourites but new designers whose collections are a breath of fresh air from the standard. Last show it was Meadham Kirchhoff's unique Nicky Wire meets Courtney Love collection that got my attention.

This season around I'm more excited about the fringe events than anything else; the On | off show's collection by Charlie Le Mindu, A La Disposition at Fashion scout, & Berit New York at A La Mode, are the one's I'm more excited about than any of the main events.

It's the excitement of seeing more independent labels for me that does it, those who are thrown among the big names in the industry but whose work stands out for it's unique look, daring to try something a little out of the ordinary.

When next Friday rolls around I'll be stuck to the laptop viewing the shows from the comfort of the sofa before I'm thrown into the manic rush over the weekend. But of course it's always enjoyable, even just to find that cute new designer in the exhibition.

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