Friday, 25 February 2011

Now that the busiest week in London has been & gone..

The A/W season was a rather pleasant surprise for me this time, lots of tweeds, brightly coloured knits, & more darling accessories than one woman could possibly ever need.

Whilst I may have witnessed the hustle & bustle via the internet, it was still just as exciting to see sneak previews of next seasons trends, & designs that will be washing the high street come late August.

I must admit I was even pleasantly surprised by some of the designer's on show at the main event. The biggest surprise of all for me was Henry Holland's collection, regular readers may know I've never been a fan of his designs; the whole 80's t-shirt slogan rehash was a tad overdone for me. But with his A/W 11 collection featuring notes of tweed, brightly coloured knits, & an overall nod to classic cut 20's fashion. I'm now starting to think that he might be an evil genius, with a sly plan to worm his way into the industry by re-hasing horrendous, easily sell able styles to fund his future designs. All the while intending to actually, gasp, make something classical styled with a very modern, bright twist. I could be wrong though, this might just be a freak fluke of co-incidence...

Surprises aside though, the overall feel to this seasons show was wonderfully welcome. I'm more a fan of classic fashion that nods back to the '20's & 40's, so to see an abundance of lady like style on the catwalk was most welcome.

Now to see what the S/S 12 season brings in September; I'm usually not so easily swayed on the spring/summer season but who knows I could be won over.

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  1. Oh, that was a busiest week in London. The best part of the show was Henry Holland's collection which was liked by a lot of viewers.

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