Wednesday, 16 March 2011

The vintage 'do, you can do!

I've long been intending to have a go at a classic vintage hair style, with these things it's always finding the time & the tutorials for the exact look you have in mind.

I've long been sporting the classic 'betty bangs', cutting them myself after a few too many disappointing attempts explaining the look to hairdressers. Granted I couldn't put pen to paper on how I do it, it's simply something I've honed in myself in a robotic fashion now.

But when it comes to doing something else with a classic vintage look to my hair I've simply not got round to it before; with the exception of a brief Clara Bow-esque bob cut I had for a while last spring. Now I've been growing the ol' barnet out intending to try some classic '30's & '40's looks out, but where to start?!

Stumbling online you can find plenty of tutorials, all varying in techniques & final looks so it's pretty hard to pin point an exact style, or technique that would work for me.

I can't do video tutorials, it just seems rather hard to keep up to speed with a video tutorial personally for me; so finding a few step by step tutorials has been a smidge harder. But after a bit of rummaging I've found a few handy tutorials that should be worth a go:

quick & easy roll tutorial - seeing as I've lately taken to pinning my hair up in a basic pin back look (merely to tame the out growing bob) this quick & easy tutorial seems do-able in my lack of electrical hair tools state.

Granted if & when I do get around to braving some heated curlers this roll tutorial also seems a tad handy, a bit more technique involved than the previous one so I may save this for a while.

Up in back bangs - Some adapted & scanned in vintage tutorials for a stunning classic do.

& to finish, this tutorial is actually not far off my current multi pin hair do, minus the ringlet step.

Of course there's also some handy hints & tips in the last few issues of Vintage life magazine which I've already stashed aside with a flurry of notes for more tools to add to my vintage hair kit. Now to brave a start with the quick roll tutorial sometime this week.

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